It's a beautiful area. There weren't very many people the day we went, which made it peaceful. The only downfall is that there are homes nearby, which takes away from the natural setting.

20 days ago

Beautiful views of the valley, very hot in summer, bring lots of water. Full loop is not kid-friendly but there are lots of short trail options to explore. A lot of trash and debris, always pack it in, pack it out.

1 month ago

mountain biking
2 months ago

As a novice rider this area was very challenging with a lot of technical turns, inclines, downhills and rock formations to maneuver. Great ride with plenty to challenge you.

A quick hiking fix. A lot of mountain bikers, so be careful. Overall a fun place with decent views.

4 months ago

There are SO MANY trials at this park! They also have picnic areas, restrooms, and water fountains. Truly a great place to come to over and over again! SPECTACULAR views of the city too.

4 months ago

Awesome park, you can always switch up a new trail everything you go and it's fun for the whole family.


Awesome view of the lake! Over all good hike!

1 year ago

No real set trail and the maps are worthless. Make sure you hike and navigate based on landmarks, rocks, water tanks, etc. It has a little bit of everything which is nice. Boulders, narrow paths, self made paths, flat, hills, flowers, shrubs, etc. If you go through the entrance gate and drive about 3/4 of a mile up the hill there is parking, bathrooms, welcome center, etc. There is also a picnic area there with tables. I really liked it here and who knew Hemet had such and awesome place to hike. There isn't a lot of shade so bring a hat. Also, driving to the park is a little strange, lots of turns, narrow roads, and neighborhoods and then all of a sudden the park entrance is there.

view is good. directions are EXTREMELY wrong.

2 years ago

Information on the trails here is hard to find. And the map this website offers is in no way accurate. I just went up the first time this evening, and I was a little disappointed. While the view is pretty damn awesome, and certainly going up with very worth while, the lack of good maps and information for this place made my trip rather dull.

First, Google Simpson Park, Hemet, CA. It will show you were the park actually starts. The trails actually start on the main road up. So park at the main gate and start walking the length. I found many sites telling me trails started in different locations, none of which were accurate. The map offered there is a joke and extremely difficult to read. AND the trails start BEFORE you get to the maps.

The road goes all the way to the very top where you will find a parking lot and several picnic tables and probably teenagers smoking weed. There are also two spots with bathrooms. Actual bathrooms, not outhouses. There is a nice little butterfly garden near a pavilion. All in all, this place has a great view and would be an excellent place for a family gathering or a quick get away for a few hours.

Best advice is walk up the road, don't drive, or you will miss all of the trails.

Love it here! Super close and always great views :-)