great place to hike

Will definitely hike this trail again.

8 months ago

We went for a short hike here. We were only gone for a little more than an hour and when we got back, found the car window was broken. Luckily nothing was stolen. We waited for the sheriff who took a report. He said he would not recommend hiking here as cars are FREQUENTLY broken into! He was very helpful and said to go just a little further to where the PCT trailhead is located if we want to hike in the area.

been hiking through here many times. beautiful hike!

easy hike, saw quail and jack rabbits!

I hike the section that starts at Hwy 173 quite often as a conditioning hike but I love it. You can park right there and pick up the trail and go N or S. Easy hike with great views. You can hike all the way to Silverwood from there as well. I couldn't find the exact map data for it so I added it, probably incorrectly. :). Ping me for questions.