Not hard at all!!! I came here with my kids and they didn't enjoy it as much as other trails around the area. I saw someone doing this in flip flops! That shows you what kind of trail this is.

Easy... Not the Kind of hikes I like to do... Enjoy.. Way to easy.. Nothing crazy like the adventures I'm looking for ???

5 months ago

Nice steady walk, a few hills, nothing crazy.

Closed and locked gate on Sunday :(

Nice trail. Good view at the top of the hill.

Nice trail.

Would be better in cooler weather

trail running
1 year ago

Well kept equestrian/walking path. At one point, you are pretty much just walking through a hilltop neighborhood. It creates a nice 5k loop with the East Coyote Hills Trail, though. Park at the lot near the Summit restaurant (State College Blvd) and the trail head is next to the oil pump that's at the corner of Bastanchury and State College. A few feet in, you can either head up the hill and take the Panorama Trail first, eventually hooking back up with the East Coyote Hills Trail at Brea, or use the flatness of the East Coyote Hills Trail to warm up and then take Panorama Trail back to the parking lot. If you do the latter, the majority of the Panorama Trail is uphill from this direction. Nice views of Fullerton from the top.

The trail can be done in a loop around the Coyote Hills Golf course. It took us about an hour to complete. Not bad for an afternoon stroll if you are local. Park in the Summit House a Restaurant parking lot.

Most people wouldn't consider this a trail and to that I say, "Well..." Yeah, it's not much of a hiking trail, with half of it running parallel with the sidewalk on busy Bastonchury and Brea Roads. But it's because of that reason this trail is a good hybrid trail. For the path of the trail that runs parallel with the street, I run it to get a good heart rate going. If you run this part, it is 1.4 miles (I measured it out). Once you go past the Little League parking lot and enter to the backside of the golf course, loose rock and dirt trails start. From here you'll be going all uphill and this is where I transition into quick, hard hiking. With the view of some expensive houses and neighborhoods, it's a sight to see the first time you pass by. I mean, who owns a house that looks like a tiny village in Italy?! Anyways, as you continue to follow the white fencing and dirt path, you'll cross through the iron gates that take you to a dirt hill with the lookout. During the sunset times, this place is absolutely gorgeous! Looks like all the colors of crayon box melted in the sky, with emphasis on the violets and oranges. Only the small hike down to the Summit House parking lot is awkward, walking through actual parts of the golf course.

Sure, this might not be the most challenging hike ever, but if you break it down into a running/hiking/lookout journey with sunset, you won't be disappointed.

This is definitely not a hiking trail but a walking/jogging trail. I live right next to it and use it regularly. Great for daily running or a nighttime city view but not for hiking. This trail conncects with East Coyote Hills Trail to make a loop.

Not pleased with this at all. The first half mile is nice, then you dump off in homes and follow an equestrian trail. If you're dreaming about living on a golf course walk this path. But that's it's, it's a path not a trail.

4 years ago

I wouldn't consider this a hike, more like a walk in the park.