11 days ago

Un lugar excellent para la familia

I give it a 5! The incline is steep and a great way to work off big holiday meals!

Steep incline, but pretty short. Great views of Sylmar/San Fernando. Good hike if you're looking for something quick, but can still get a good leg workout.

Very beautiful and doable for all levels of hikers/joggers/walkers.

such a nice place to go hiking i love it!!!

4 months ago

good exercise but hard

4 months ago

Love this hike

Lots of fun! Different trails to choose from!

Rattle snakes, mountain lions...not my thing felt unsafe...not going back, despite the great work-out.

5 months ago

Amazing good workout



Its am awesome hike you have no choice but to lose weight lol

it's all incline and it's a really great workout!!!! hard but well worth it!

9 months ago

Great trail for any beginner or moderate hiker/jogger. I do one of the trails every Saturday or Sunday It's a great excersise to the bench or beyond if I have the time