1 month ago

late afternoon around 5 pm was mostly shaded. sounds of the rushing water was very pleasant in Los Gatos creek. unfortunately, noise from adjacent highway 17 can be heard for much of the trail.

It's beautiful, and yes populated.

Okay for kids and exercise

2 months ago

Pros: A pretty decent amount of shade, and a good offshoot option to add to the hike. It's also nice and accessible within the area where I live, so I do this one about once a week if I can't try someplace new. If you start by going up the hill, there's actually a good amount of flat, slight incline, and steep incline. It also allows dogs (leashed) so it's fun to see their happy, derpy faces while you're sweatin'.

Cons: It is very heavily trafficked. Probably because it's in the heart of Los Gatos. Everyone is pretty friendly and are generally aware of their surroundings though.

3 months ago

Flume trail portion is a nice mixture of ups and downs under healthy foliage. Reverse side/Los Gatos Creek Trail just runs next to a water pipe and the 17 so not as nice though otherwise a good path to rest/recover on the way back.

This was a great hike but I wouldn't classify it as easy if you do the full loop. There are a lot of hills but beginning and end are flat. Bring water. Also make sure you have the trail map open because there are numerous forks in the trail. Good workout though!!

Easy and flat

6 months ago

Pretty decent trail

trail running
7 months ago

It's more like a 3 star run, but it's a great cardio blast and easily accessible. If you run the loop counterclockwise , take the tenth of a mile short cut at the top and double back to the left (I think it's called two brothers trail). This adds one mile, but it's less steep and easier on the knees. If you start at Balzer Field in LG you get a nice warm up, and parking is easy.

trail running
9 months ago

Good everyday run with the dog.

Quite urban! Can't add much to what's already been written here. I'll be back for a great run or close, easy hike, but will look elsewhere for outstanding nature vistas.

This is my favorite go to trail. It is nearby and a mix of shade and sun. I've taken many people up this trail.

road biking
1 year ago

I like to ride the trailhead and do a 7.4 mile loop around Campbell Park. The trail has a tiny bit of dirt trails off to the side of the paved path, just enough to satisfy my alternative terrain appetite.