Early September and yet the spring fed creek is enough for most of the waterfalls along this trail to be active. A shady trail, dusty yes, but the sound of running water in the creek made for a very serene hike. Not crowded, easy parking in day lot. Next time we will explore the longer trails...

Discovered Alltrails.com today! A great resource!

Nice hike, well shaded and not many people if you start early. will have to come back when the water levels are higher

good trail for the area...small waterfall and short trail however I didn't hike farther out because the provided maps didn't show that much info

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2 months ago



Super easy. Family friendly with beautiful scenic waterfalls.


Easy hike. Beautiful Falls!

4 months ago

Great trails. Shaded most of the way and dog friendly. I would recommend this anyone who's looking for a scenic dog friendly hike.

Awesome! Shaded. Water falls. Perfect for family with young kids.

4 months ago

This was a great trail. Of you like waterfalls this is the place to go!

It was a beautiful hike. We had a ton of fun together! Coworkers.

One of my favorite hikes in this area. I like to do the Waterloop Trail, then adding Contour and Triple Falls to finish up. Keep an eye out for snakes! Nearly stepped on one the last time I did the Triple Falls trail. Dog friendly and plenty of shade. Parking is a nightmare on the weekend, try to hit this trail during the week. $6 parking fee

Nice hike. Will have to come back in January when waterfalls are more full

Lovely canyon trail with waterfalls and wooded vistas.

Lovely canyon with Vistas and wooded hills.