on Terri Peak Trail

23 days ago

2 months ago

This was not my kind of trail. Too rocky and at some point you don't have anymore trail and you have to rock climb.

Very nice hike not to much or to less. Highly recommend.

easy to moderate hike. started at the horse camp and followed the gps. great view at the peak of the lake. narrow path on the way down which exits at the museum parking lot then walked along the recreation road back to our vehicle. nice little 5 mile hike. alot of paths that can take you in many different directions. we paid 10 bucks to park inside the recreation area but it looks like you may be able to park along the neighborhood along Iris ave and hike your way in to avoid paying for parking. will try next time

Nice Workout about 5miles total We Do here :D

Nice trail..lots of Friends and Families hike here I personally love to hike this trail with my Kids

7 months ago

I started at the horse camp area. The area is desert brush with no visible trail to follow. I just headed up the ridge. once I reached the top, I could see a very wide visible trail heading down toward iris, but my car was inside the park. I headed down a trail toward the lake which was impossible to follow, so I just followed an empty stream bed to the bottom. I wouldn't advise hiking from the lake side.

8 months ago

Fairly steep for the first mile or so, great leg workout. Saw a few lizards and snakes along the way. Dogs loved it. Pretty view from the top.

Very scenic once you get to the top! Stick to the trail.

I would say it's Moderate level at least , not easy. Worth the climb though !

1 year ago

Nice vigorous climb to the top on a fairly straightforward trail. Beautiful day to see all of the highest southern California peaks at once. Magnificent view.

It was non stop uphill. Fabulous views

Great short hike with great views and minor climbing. Trail is easy to find, not sure why others could not find.
Directions.. park at the cul de sac, follow the trail that leads away from the 2 water towers, follow the dirt road that turns to pavement. on your right you will see a big field of grass, so go left up the trail that leads up the hill.. simple.. Also, after an hour or so of hiking you will end up in a flat plain( with soft sand ) that goes left and straight. follow the trail on the right and go straight and you will reach the top that over looks lake perris and all the surrounding mountains.. Hope this helps.. Good luck and enjoy..

May the 4th be with you! This trail gets a little rigorous fairly quickly. A bit more than 3/4 of the way up it sets back to a more leisurely pace. Also at this point is when most of the sounds of the college neighborhood below fade away. A good workout and the view of the lake from the top is worth the hike up!

1 year ago

Moderate trail, all uphill on the way there. the view at the top is great. Came across several hikers on this trail, all were friendly.

Amazing view of Lake Perris!! This hike is steep incline (2 hour hike total) ..make sure you wear hiking boots or good tread. Take water and be careful of snakes...but we'll worth it:-):-)

I followed the trail from the map and the trail was easy to find. It was steep and I forgot my poles, so the climb was difficult in areas since my balance is precarious at best. I crossed paths with 4 or 5 groups of people and all were friendly. There is a steep section that required me to make several breaks. I am trying to get in shape, so this portion was daunting but not impossible.