Good for a family walk, but can easily get crowded. Shady areas most of the way through, and not strenuous.

4 months ago

OK for when you want to get out for some exercise but don't want to travel far. Can get a little crowded with people and dogs on the weekends.

Great for hiking with our toddler. Easy trail with lots of things for a little one to explore.

mountain biking
3 years ago

Nice hiking and biking trail close to home. Very nice folks use this trail. I Mt. Bike and as always, I am very considerate of the hikers and hiker's dogs. Bikers, please do the same so that we can continue to share this trail. Thanks.

Nice trail for a leisure stroll through the Canyon Creek area. Though, the creek is usually dry, it's still scenic. We took this hike ona Sunday morning, met a good number of folks out walking their dogs and a few trail-runners. We walked right up to Rte 154 by the bridge, where the trail seems to end. Watch out for the poison oak but if you stay on the trail you won't have a problem. Very shaded and at times you're walking over some rocks. Overall, good walk!

4 years ago

I am a local and I may tend to be bias in my opinion of this trail as a "hike" Not a Hike!
It is a great spot for locals to access the beach behind Hope Ranch. (An affluent
community) The walk is entirely flat.
It is a great for dog walks, biking, and offers nice views of ocean and islands from trail at the edge of cliffs.
There are a number of para-gliders who practice there, as well as some who fly remote control planes.
By the way if you wish to hike directly to beach down the stairs. The "clothed" are to the left..
and the "unclothed" are to the right. Just to let Ya know.

If would recommend the Bluffs at Elwood or "Wilcox" at Hendrys Beach for Outta-towners.