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27 days ago

This was my first time backpacking and my husband thought a challenge would be ok. The first mine felt super easy, we reached a bridge and the view was breathtaking! A little down from the bridge was a great spot for camping. unfortunately the previous people didn't put out their fire, so we got some water from the river and put it out. There was a load of switchbacks going up a huge granite rock that was pretty exhausting and you see this huge opening! Don't be fooled like me, it was mumford meadows, not the lake. You have another mile to go up more switchbacks up another granite slab. A bit more woods and then you see the huge granite cliffs! There's a few spots to camp, cross a stream(great for filtering your water because you're probably low or out) and you find a few more spots near the water. We choose the furthest for privacy and knew it'd help keep our two dogs calmer. It had a slight decline, a perfect fire pit with bench made of slab of wood across two boulders. Climb up from the spot and there was still plenty of great wood and twigs for a night fire and morning fire. Waking up to that sunrise was amazing, i saw it creep down the face of the mountain. The hike back was nice. I recommend wearing pants, parts of the trail were brushy and I was glad to not have my legs scratched up. Overall I can't wait to repeat this trail! I have a much firmer grasp on how to pack, and what to expect!

4 months ago

Beautiful hike with spectacular views a number of options to create a nice loop or connect to other trailers. Morris meadow is a beautiful walk to the higher elevations with the anticipation of high alpine beauty this will inspire you with amazing lupus fields scattered with a variety of incredible wild flowers. It's a moderate hike go enjoy the beauty!!!!

Cool old growth forest. Lots of creek and stream crossings to keep you on your toes. Some large downfall from winter storms, big trees to navigate. There is always an easy rout around. Plenty of waterfalls along the way, leading up to an uneventful ending.

The day we hiked this, I rated it as the Best Smelling trail, cuz of a lovely aroma emanating from an unknown source in a few places! Anyhow, it's sort of strenuous the first few miles, til you reach Cabin Flat, then the trail went through some meadows. If you cross the outlet to the lake & follow it around, there's a nice area of rock good for taking a break at, & next to a little waterfall.

While hiking this trail, I designated it the best smelling trail! There were several places where something was exuding a wonderful aroma, I wish I knew what it was! The trail starts through forest of oak & madrone, then pine & cedar dominate. There's a stretch where huge boulders are scattered everywhere. It's steep to Cabin Flat, then it mellows out & goes through meadows before reaching the lake. There's a pretty waterfall at the far end of the lake with a big rocky shelf. There are a few more waterfalls upstream (off-trail & early season, at least).

The only reason this doesn't rate 5 stars is because of the lack of water the first 7 miles. It starts out moderately through forest & gets more strenuous when you come to a long, exposed (hot!) ridge. It goes back down along a rocky hillside, then into forest & up a brushy hillside before crossing a creek--these last stretches are usually not maintained, so be prepared for a bushwhack or bring shears. Once you cross the creek it's an easy scramble up the granite to the first lake. It's a little harder to get to the second lake & harder yet to the upper lake, but swimming is best at the upper lake. Early season there's streams & ponds everywhere.

Strenuous is right, but if you want a great workout with a reward of great views, here it is. It's a little longer, but you can access the peak via the Stoney Ridge Trail, too.

My favorite! Definitely not for beginners, tho. Trail up Bowerman Meadows sometimes fades, but once you're there, enjoy the serenity before the climb up to Anna &/or Billy-be-Damned Lakes. Can be done as a somewhat brutal day-hike, but if you can, spend a night or 3! Beautiful lakes surrounded by odd-shaped metamorphic rock & an awesome meadow in between the lakes. Going back down via a scramble to long Canyon you'll get jaw-dropping views & pocket meadows under the rocks. Can be done in reverse or add options such as over ridge to beautiful Echo lake (Beware of steep scree-slope!) & around to Bee Tree gap thru Siligo Meadows.

1 year ago

Great trail with a lot of options--Horseshoe lake is where this trail ends, but you can access Granite Lake Trail, Bear Basin Trail or 4-Lakes Loop easily (among others).

1 year ago

Easy hike as far as Mumford Meadows, then trail steepens. We camped at ward lake & had beautiful sunrise & sunsets. Day-hiked down a SteepWard Lake trail continuation the next day, & to awesome Horseshoe Lake, cold for swimming, but refreshing! and surrounded by granite.

We went to Lander's Lake overnite via the Boulder Creeks TH. Strenuous, but worth it. Up past Poison Canyon, down towards Union Creek, up to lake passing gorgeous meadows. Next day went down to Union Creek area, then way up to Foster & back down past Lion, eventually crossing creek that loops back to Boulder Lake & out. The views near the top of trail to Foster (and the flower-lined granite steps of the trail itself) were amazing! Also, there are ponds, a meadow & a view of Union Lake above landers.

Nice, easy hike & you'll probably see pitcher plants near the streams.

1 year ago

This is a great day-hike. There are good views of Ycatapom Peak, & Lilypad Lake is pretty cool, but the lush ponds & views above are even better. There's another pond off-trail hidden under some cliffs worth exploring. Did I mention the meadows are incredible,too?

1 year ago

This was kind of an unremarkable hike, but it does have easy access in off-season months.Unfortunately, the creek stays out of sight for most of the trail, but there was one spot where it got close & had a camp-site, & another at the end of the trail where it intersects with Lion/Foster lakes Trail or continues across the creek to go to Boulder Lakes.

2 years ago

A good benchmark for what "strenuous" is, with a magnificent view to pay off at the summit. A leg burner, to be sure, with what seem to be endless switchbacks. My GPS showed it to be closer to 6 miles of actual hiking than 4.5... (and it felt like it, too!).....to the summit. Complete solitude, beautiful flowers. Water is available for purifying at perfect intervals at two granite bottomed stream crossings. My boxer was dragging butt, but a dog friendly trail. I will go back and sleep at the peak next time. A good workout hike.

3 years ago

Great day-hike destination that will offer beautiful views of the Trinity Alps, Mt Shasta, Lassen Peak, and Trinity Lake. All uphill climb to the peak and the trail is in fairly good shape.