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Located in the cliffs and canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga State Park features 36 miles of trails through open grassland, live oaks and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. The park is located entirely within the Los Angeles city limits and is considered the worlds largest wildland within the boundaries of a major city. Excellent recreational opportunities for hikers as well as mountain bikers (restricted to fire roads) and equestrians. The park is bound on the south by Pacific Palisades and Brentwood, on the west by Topanga Canyon, and on the east by Rustic Canyon. Numerous geologic formations can be found in the park, including earthquake faults, marine fossils, volcanic intrusions, and a wide variety of sedimentary formations. Dogs are not allowed on the park trails, fire roads, or in the back country.

It's fine. As others have noted, waterfall is dried up. Reminds me on an east coast hike - ticks, bees, frogs, you name it, they are lurking in the bush - we even saw some deer! Quiet trail, you'll pass people but not a ton. This would be a good group hike. I also wouldn't go too late in the day as I imagine it gets dark quickly.

I had a great 1st experience with this hike!

The Trailer Canyon Fire Road is easily accessible -- take a right on Michael Ln. and follow the road about 0.5 miles till you come up on the fire road junction to your left. Because the area is residential, you can park along the street and follow the fire road to the trailhead.

The hike offers great views of the Topanga Canyon and the ocean. The hike is a steady uphill, with occasional areas that are fairly flat. There is not much shade, but the hillside can provide some shade if you leave early enough in the morning. If you're leaving later in the day when the sun is out, I definitely recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen, and a couple of water bottles.

Additionally, the hike is dog-friendly as long as your best friends are on-leash and you pick up after them. If you're leaving later in the day, I would recommend bringing some water for your pooch since they will probably need to rehydrate a few times along the ascent. The only disadvantage to this hike is that dogs are only allowed up until you reach the entrance to the Topanga State Park.

All in all, I believe it is a great hike that provides you with good physical exercise and an opportunity for some great views!

12 days ago

First time to do hiking here but it's really worth it.

Great workout
Hot at mid day
Lots of shaded hiking
Strenuous for the less experienced hiker
Mixture of meadows, forest and scrub.
No water
Great view at the top
Cool rock formations
Poorly marked trail head
Well marked trail once found
Parking on side of road no cost
No park amenities

nice hike

Love this place there are a lot of trails

super easy and fun, took my mom, great scene of LA

1 month ago

This used to be my go-to hike on the weekends for a quick 2 mile workout. It's a great trail (out and back), but it's gotten so busy. If you want to avoid the crowds, be there between 6:30a - 7:30a. It's a fairly narrow trail (I would categorize it as an easy hike) with a steady incline all the way up to the Parker Mesa Overlook which offers great view of the coast and city. It's exposed, so wear plenty of sunscreen on hotter days. There is plenty of parking - in lots and on the street, and it's free. If you're hiking this trail during a high traffic time, be aware of the other hikers coming up the trail behind you and stay to the right of the trail to allow others to pass. You can also continue up the trail to the fire road to extend the mileage.

Great breathtaking views.


Just a crush of people on a Saturday late morning/early afternoon. I've never seen the Los Liones Trail with this many people but it was a very warm, sunny day inland so the coast was the place to go. The trail was so crowded that I didn't see a single lizard on the trail. They were all scared off by the constant pounding of hiking shoes. Still one of my favorite hikes even when it's crowded. Hikers are by in large nice people to encounter. Lots of greetings exchanged.

2 months ago

Great hike. Views are spectacular. Gets your heart racing!

Amazing views but steep long incline.