12 days ago

One of my go to walks for a day away. Great way to spend a sunny day.

Beautiful! Make sure to map it out before you go.

mountain biking
7 months ago

flat and easy took my wife here and there are nice views. didn't like the stinky part by the bridge. parked at swiss park in main street. good for conditioning and endurance.

Wonderful trail!

Great ride this morning!!

9 months ago

Nice little stroll down the beach in Coronado. Definitely worth the walk if you're already in the area.

trail running
10 months ago

It was great. I run there 3-4 days a week!

road biking
11 months ago

Easy. Scenic. Great long easy bike ride. An absolute fav with my townie bike.

Silver Strand is a great place for bikers, not as much for hikers like me. The State Beach is very depressing - has tons of trash, plastic bottles and styrene cups. Most beaches belong to private property or the Navy, so not much to see here. Also cars are whizzing past you at top speed - you just don't hear much nature at all.

Again, if you are a biker - go; walkers - there are better places elsewhere.

1 year ago

It's a beautiful route with plenty of things to distract you as you put miles behind you. The people, traffic, ocean, surfers, etc. They all make the time fly.

There are several geocaches along the way, so if you're a geocacher, add a few minutes to allow yourself to enjoy a search or two.

One of my very favorite bike paths. Long and mostly flat, beautiful views, friendly people.

I usually park down on 13th in CV and do and up and back.

If you're also a geocacher, consider allowing for some extra time, this path is FILLED with TONS of geocahes.


1 year ago

Took a water taxi from San Diego Convention Center area then walked about 10 blocks to Coronado Beach. It was a beautiful stroll through nice residential neighborhood. Nice sunny day. Ate lunch at the Del kinda pricy and not that good. Do not recommend it. Over all it was a fun afternoon and the water taxi back was at sunset so it was perfect!

1 year ago

5/22/15 Beautiful day at the beach

beautiful flat ride. great for a relaxing stroll or a long ride. I love this ride!

Very scenic of course but kind of a lot of people for my taste.

Pretty scenic trail and fun to ride with friends. Good for all levels and all types of bikes. Pretty much no big hills to speak of on the entire trail though.

This is a great bike path for anyone that likes a well maintained bike trail. Not shown on the map is the part of the trail that was freshly completed that goes around the south of the bay towards Chula Vista. I bike from Chula Vista to Coronado on this trail. It is possible to stop at the beach and jump in the water then get back on the trail. At Coronado, a person could cross the island and get on the ferry with his/her bike and bike from San Diego to Chula Vista on another trail. Or a person could bike around San Diego, get back on the ferry and head back. It takes about an hour one way from Chula Vista to Coronado going at a quick pace. If your bike is really nice and are in good shape, I have seen people go a lot quicker!