The Trail is very Nice! Not much of a hike. Its More like a walking trail it was too easy great for beginners.

3 months ago

My Hubby and I enjoyed our hike. Beautiful scenery, and peaceful. We will be back!

trail running
4 months ago

This place is awesome to get away from all the city noise . Lots of people doing their own thing.

Good hiking trail!!

5 months ago

Good daily hike, after the first few hills, it's pretty chill. If you want to continue a more moderate hike, go off trail in the hills. marked path over up/ down the hills that will still lead you to the end point; just be careful as there are lots of different trails to take.

Good short hike.

Good to enjoy a short hiking day

trail running
8 months ago

It's a good trail for walking or Running its short easy trail it's good for all ages view is ok.

all round trip...1 hour walking...nice walk

Super easy! Love it!

A nice clean trail with great views! Taking your dog for a 3 mile walk, great, don't forget to clean up after your dog please! The trail and surrounding area had a group cleaning up last weekend! Until lately everyone picks up their dogs poo. Unfortunately, someone with a big dog doesn't know how to use a disposable bags. Thank you Palmdale for such a nice place to walk! People be a responsible pet owner and clean up the trail!

Very bland city type trail. Not much to talk about.

I'm from the east coast and the views were good for me. A quick walk out and back with a couple of sides to expand a run or jaunt. Will be back.

Nice chill place to run. Nothing spectacular though.