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Fantastic hike!

trail running
1 month ago

It's definitely runnable, especially if you run up the Western route and come down the Eastern route. Haven't been on the new extensions off the Western route yet, but that should add a few miles to the route. Views are okay; there's better sights in Santa Rosa.

am i able to use a stroller on the trail?

The Eastern Trail up totally kicked our ass and it was not a pretty hike by any means. Took the Western trail down and it wasn't much better. I at least want some pretty scenery when I'm huffing and puffing. We went early in the morning and it was quite foggy and overcast so we didn't get to see the view from the top but I hear it's pretty impressive. Also ran into a coyote right near the top which freaked us out a bit. Had to come back down through the same corridor of trees so we were on high alert. There are also cows all around on on the trail so watch out for them. It felt good to conquer it but I wouldn't go back.

Fun to walk by the cows but trail is hot and dry, do it on a cooler day.

So beautiful! I felt so accomplished when I got to the end since I'm not the best of hikers and it's a pretty hard hike. Another group reached the end and started playing Work by Rihanna and gave us high fives, the cherry on top, haha.

What a workout! Kicked my butt.

Great workout! The main trail is an old farm road, and essentially barrels straight uphill. If the direct and steep route is too daunting, a secondary trail (Sky Lupine) winds back and forth across the Eastern Trail route, providing a gentler climb using switchbacks. The view at the top is beautiful, and was shared by a small herd of cows. This trail is exposed pretty much all the way up, which will probably make the hike a little too difficult in summer heat.

One of my favorite trails in Santa Rosa because of the difficulty. Its a great workout if you like to challenge yourself with strenuous low impact exercise. I guess you could also run the trail but it is all steep uphill which makes it dope!

Fantastic views, great workout.

Western trail to eastern trail 2.88 miles

eastern trail is pretty steep, but a good challenge.

Short hike, it will better when they extend the trails. Very exposed to sun, so plan for that.

Trial has a tendency to drive up hill in a straight line, like some 1st century BCE Roman road. The result is that sections are simply too steep to be easily navigated. Turn an ankle and you'll be in for a long slide. Decent views of the Santa Rosa valley and a pretty copse of Oak trees near the top but if you're more than 30 minutes from the trail head I don't think it's worth the trip.

Great for low intensity jogging/hiking. Lots of steep uphill work so wouldn't recommend running (if you're able to then kudos haha) but if taken at a nice pace can be a fun challenge for beginners with a nice view of Santa Rosa! The views at the top by the Historical Rock Wall are beautiful. Definitely recommend this trail!

not for bikes

Not a favorite at all way to steep to actually enjoy.