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I am not ready for hard trails but was able to make my way almost to the top and back. I had a blast. I am looking forward in trying this trail again and making it all the way in and out after i achieve more in weight loss and get more in shape and have hiked more trails. the weather today was gorgous.

Good hike. Went during offseason. Saw all the remnants of the wildflowers. Gets me excited to come back in a couple months.

The end of the hike is quite anti-climactic if wildflowers aren't in bloom. It's easy to walk pat the end cause you're left feeling a little underwhelmed.

I'd give it 3 stars if not for the potential it showed for spring.

17 days ago

Uphill climbing over huge rocks and boulders. Great views at the top. One of my son's favorite trails. We did this 2 summers ago during a drought and there was no water to be found on the falls.

Handicap accessible. We pushed our disabled daughter in her chair. Our 2 yr old was easily able to follow along. Great panoramic views of north Lake Tahoe.

20 days ago

Hiked with my 12 yr old. Long trail, lots of full sun. Cliff-side at times. Rough and rugged, with rocks to climb over, small spaces to squeeze through. But once we got to the water, it made up for it. Beautiful destination. My son's most difficult hike, but also one of his favorites. Bring lots of water and snacks.

20 days ago

Went to check out this trail today. The road leading up to the trail head is rough. The weather was perfect. It was easy hike.

My girlfriend and I did this in November with bright blue skies (mid 50*s) and no snow on the ground except for a few sparse areas. The trailhead was easy to find right off highway 267. The beginning of the hike was nothing special, but after the first mile it really is a nice trail. Moderate climb with easy to follow and well marked trail. This hike is part of the Tahoe Rim Trail and follows it for quite a few miles. When you get to the top, don't forget to walk up the paved road to the CDF fire lookout tower for a great 360* view. You have views of the lake, Northstar Ski Resort, and the Airport all from the lookout. I give this 5 stars due to the perfect weather and un popular time of the year. I could imagine when its busy and mountain bikers are flying by it could be an issue, but we saw about 4 people all day and two cyclists at the top who drove up.

22 days ago

Excellent hike. About 4.5 miles to get to the river. Lot's of creeks, water, wildlife, peaceful & not too busy. Plenty of parking when I got there. Excellent views from the top. Highly recommended 5/5 - Moderate difficulty.

Awesome 40 minute hike. Great views

23 days ago

25 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Easy going at the beginning and gets increasingly difficult. The last push is very steep and rocky. Slipped on the loose rocks on the way down a couple of times. Hiked through packed snow about 1/3 of the time but it was sunny and warm the whole time. It took about two hours getting up, at a leisurely pace, and about half the time down.

29 days ago

UPDATE! I went back to the trail and found a note that someone had found my keys so I have them now! While I was out there I ran into Julie and Rob who saw my message below and reached out to the note writer/key finder to give them my info. Thank you so much, Julie! A nice community here on All Trails!

I lost my only car keys on the trail (towed my car)! Wednesday, November 2nd.
If found, please let me know: stacitye@gmail.com.
The trail was GORGEOUS! Rigorous with amazing views! :)


1 month ago