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3 days ago

Great trail! Beautiful scenery, winding along the American River. Well worth it :-)

8 days ago

This hike was AWESOME! Definitely not for someone who isn't in shape the hike back up is deceptively hard. Also the water is very high right now and crossing the waterfall is not safe for elderly/children! Lots of butterflies and blue sky!

Wonderful hike. Steep start through the forest. Altitude gain is all front loaded and fast. Which was really nice because once at the top you are rewarded with breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe and a nice 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside. Hike mellowed out quite a bit as we hiked along the crest and then into the forest. The forested part was also really pretty and secluded. Not much more we could have asked for. All downhill on the way back. Would recommend to anyone in decent shape and eager for an aggressive climb to an incredible vista with a mellow rest of the day.

10 days ago

Beautiful! The waterfalls were to dangerous to cross to complete the trail.

One of my favorite trails. Love it ❤️

16 days ago

Moderate difficulty. Varied terrain which was nice. A few small water crossings. Easy to find the trailhead. Gorgeous views

18 days ago

Narrow trail at some spots but a GREAT workout as well as amazing views and water passages

Great hike. Beautiful views. Narrow passages on steep cliff edges were scary at times.

This hike was great. A buddy and I spent a couple extras days up here and the surrounding area hiking castle peak and basin. Proceeded down to paradise to camp for the night before visiting Warren early on in the day then rock climbing up into devils oven. (Much more difficult then anticipated). From
There we hiked up and out of devils oven and found the Warren lake trail witch we used to loop back around the backside of basin and castle peak before finding our way back to our car across from boreal

on Stevens Trail

24 days ago

Great hike. I love the river views.

on Hirschman trail

29 days ago

1 month ago