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12 hours ago

Easy little dog friendly hike with a great view.

10 days ago

We hike in every December (before any low snow), to see the bizzillions of lady bugs nesting in the foliage at the trails end. That's right, the red ground cover is alive!

I love this area. The sierra buttes lookout is absolutely breathtaking.

Cool hike. Spotted a heart stump and unexpected waterfall!

was awesome in June . fairly easy to follow even with snow. anyone know about snowshoeing this trail or parts of it in winter months?

off road driving
14 days ago

The lookout is absolutely amazing. I have not hiked this portion of the Sierra Buttes simply because driving straight up the southwestern side is irresistible (if you have a good 4x4, that is)!!
My wife and one of our boys has hiked up to the lookout and they reported the trek to be quite steep. This is a popular and very worthy hike/4x4. It's all about the view.

Nice very easy hike with a beautiful lookout!

Was able to do it in late December.

The trail was brilliant, I really enjoyed it and would come back. The view was amazing, the lake looked beautiful.

Beautiful views of the snow capped mountains and the lake!!

I visited years ago in the summer, taking the tram up to do some exploring on the mountainside. I definitely remember the gorgeous views above South Lake Tahoe.

22 days ago

I selected 'Hiking' because there was a lot of snow and ice on my two recent outings. Otherwise, it is really a walk on a relatively straight paved road for about 3/4 of a mile...with about 300 feet of elevation gain. The views through the majestic trees of Crystal Bay, Incline Village and the surrounding mountains are wonderful on the way up. And the two lookouts at the top are even better, with more expansive views of the lake. The short loop trail at the top also provides signs with information about the lake, the forest and some history of the area. This is a nice short trail to get out with the family for a little exercise in a very special place. There is room to park on the side of Lakeview Avenue just before you get to the entrance gate.

I am not ready for hard trails but was able to make my way almost to the top and back. I had a blast. I am looking forward in trying this trail again and making it all the way in and out after i achieve more in weight loss and get more in shape and have hiked more trails. the weather today was gorgous.

Good hike. Went during offseason. Saw all the remnants of the wildflowers. Gets me excited to come back in a couple months.

The end of the hike is quite anti-climactic if wildflowers aren't in bloom. It's easy to walk pat the end cause you're left feeling a little underwhelmed.

I'd give it 3 stars if not for the potential it showed for spring.

1 month ago

Uphill climbing over huge rocks and boulders. Great views at the top. One of my son's favorite trails. We did this 2 summers ago during a drought and there was no water to be found on the falls.