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These reviews are for the trail on the south side of the canyon, heading down from the Foresthill Divide. There is also a trail on the other side of the canyon. Trailhead is not too far from the Euchre Bar th, and uses the same exit on hwy 80. The north side trail is rough and steep and exposed to the sun most of the way. It leads to an area of the North Fork canyon that is very interesting and scenic, and which you will almost certainly have all to yourself, so it's worth it for fit hikers. Bring lots of water and avoid hot days.

loved this hike. absolutely beautiful. and pretty easy

mountain biking
9 days ago

This is a perfect trail for riding! It has great scenery and the smell of pines, hmm. My mom and I had so much fun biking this trail, and I believe it connects to more trails too.

9 days ago

Awesome trail to hike.

11 days ago

We backpacked in, found a nice spot to set up camp for the night, and left the next morning.

Beautiful scenery on the way in
A fair amount of shade on the trail

At the end of Steven's Trail, near Secret Ravine, there's tons of trash. I'm going to guess it's miners who set up camp for a few days to pan for gold and then just take off and leave their garbage behind. Man this place needs to be cleaned up. We found 1 sleeping bag, 1 tent, 1 pan with lid, 1 pair of shorts, 1 jacket, 1 running shoe, some mining tools covered in rust, empty beer cans, snack wrappers, among other things.

TIps: There's no water until the end of the trail when you get to the American River. You can either haul in lots of water for the hike, or you can bring a water filter system and re-fill when you get to the river so you have something for the hike back.

Great hike! Note that this is along the hole in the ground trail- once you break the tree line, you'll take a sharp left to continue to andesite peak. You'll have to scramble up to the top, but it's nothing difficult: class 2 at the most. Beautiful views of the sierras and castle peak, you can also see the boreal ski lifts.
It's also off leash dog friendly, and the trail is shared with mountain bikes. Can't wait to try this as a snowshoe!
Also note: most people park at the end of the paved road, but if you have a high clearance vehicle, you can drive about 1 mile up to the actual hole in the ground trailhead. There's room for 2 cars at the trailhead but some pullouts on the left leading up to the trailhead for more cars.

11 days ago

Loved this hike! It was pretty easy getting to Paradise Lake. Not too many signs on the way but when you need to turn right there is a sign on a tree. There was a good amount of people camping at the lake. Weather was beautiful but very cold at night and early morning. The way back the trail was a little harder due to more uphills but the switch backs were nice. Great views. I would do this hike again in the future.

It's an fun fast out and back. awesome views. if your in good shape you can run it in good time. it's rated hard but it's leisure.

This is short, but it's beautiful trail. So I did walking around 3 times. Another good thing is the drive way to the trailhead is fantastic.

12 days ago

Good hike. Only 4 stars because if the long fire road run in. Last part is steep but not as bad as it sounds. The last scramble is a true class 3. Great views and interesting geology.

12 days ago

Nice & flat for most part. Open & healthy forest. No trash; well used & loved but affords plenty of solitude.

Tough work out. Gets pretty hot so bring lots of H2O.

Super fun trail! The first mile or so is a killer because it's straight up but after you get warmed up its awesome. I really really enjoyed this trail. The only downside to it was every now and then we would loose the trail. overall this is definitely one of my favorites.

One of the most beautiful hike I have been on. We went in the spring. Gorgeous waterfalls the whole way. At times it was a bit hard to figure out the trail they were going to tag the trail the following weekend. We got lost a little bit. We hiked all the way to high camp. It was super windy up top. The gondola wasn't running. We waited for half an hour and took the gondola down. I was happy. Didn't want to hike back down. Def going back again next spring!

14 days ago

Not too bad until you get to the final haul up the peak, then it's a killer, but the view from the top makes it completely worth it!

Awesome hike

14 days ago

After a long four hour drive up from San Francisco, my father and I decided to do a short evening hike before Mount Rose the subsequent morning. We have skied at Squaw often, thus we decided to attempt to climb it in a different light- without any snow.

Turns out there was some snow. Some, of course, simply meaning remnants from last weeks' storms placed on the shadiest spots of the slopes up to Squaw Peak. The earlier storm also rejuvenated, or at least bolstered, one of the creeks heading up (see Photos).

This trail is not well trafficked. It's overgrown at times with washout on the rockier sections. Additionally, there are non-paved (wood shavings and/or fine gravel) roads that offer a safer, more established route to the summit. Thus makes it relatively difficult to navigate, though.

This trail is a steady incline regardless of the route you take. It's not strenuous, but be prepared to climb ~1,700 feet in a little over three miles. I personally recommend hiking poles to help with the rockier, looser sections of this trail.

Additionally, there exists cable cars (operational until 5 P.M on select days) available to take you down from the WildFlower Café. My father and I arrived at the top a little after sunset, and we were generously granted with a private ride down in a cable car. Amazing!

The views are the real pearl of this hike, cable cars or not. The outlook from the WildFlower Café is unrivaled by many others in the area. Lake Tahoe is visible over a stretch of mountains. There's snow at the Wildflower Café despite it being only October.

This is a great hike to test your navigating skills, endurance, and to capture great views. If you have the time (it only takes an hour, granted that you take a cable car down) I heavily recommend hiking it. Another bonus is that the creeks here are active, only if temporarily. Have fun!