fun and levels of difficulty for everyone

very challenging at beginning.

Nice casual trail walk to get me back on track.

This one of my favorite "quick hikes"- There are small waterfalls along the way along with great views of downtown Riverside, Mt Rubidoux, Canyon Crest Golf course, etc. There is a nature center at the main entrance along with a variety of paths to choose from. Its located very close to the Canyon Crest Towne Center. Watch out for Rattlesnakes , other than that it's a very safe place to hike for any skill level.

Not much of a hike but it is a nice walk. Just watch out for rattlesnakes.

nice place long lots of trails and options absolutely zero shad though and not a whole lot of scenery

very nice trails great views saw a coyote along the way

Walked from Barton Road off of Allesandro Boulevard to the nature center on Central Avenue via the west side of the park. Perfect day, perfect weather. Everything in the park is turning green and there's plenty of water in the arroyos. Three bridges trail is as challenging as ever. Nice hike.

This route goes from the nature center on Central Avenue to Allesandro Boulevard along the eastern perimeter of Sycamore Canyon Park. It starts with a rather vigorous climb for a couple of miles and then rolls through valleys and hills. Recent rains have filled the arroyos with plenty of water. Nice hike.

Quick 2.5 mile walk up from Central Avenue almost to the bench. Beautiful day, deep blue skies... Who could ask for more?


1 year ago

My kids and I hiked this trail and it was so much fun. There are so many different paths you can chose. Beautiful views of Riverside. Very peaceful.

all i can say is

Amazing trail with my dog.

Sycamore Canyon is a preservation of natural Riverside wildlife, from wildflowers to native lizards. Be prepared for an adventure; exploring the hills and trails can be exciting, but also dangerous. Take precautions by walking with a companion, carrying water, wear proper shoes and stay on the marked trails. Respect the park and the animals that make it their home. There are several trailheads along each border of the park, and many trails to discover. This is a great day-hike area for the whole family. Bring the dog!