This is my first review. This place is awesome. Beautiful easy to follow trails (if you use this map + gps). Almost no people. At the top of the mountain hikes there are 2 different resting areas with a tables and chairs. Pretty high class if you ask me, with port-a-pot-ez, when nature calls you when you have no service on your phone. I thought there was gonna be a Starbucks on the next hill. Hahah. Gorgeous and beautiful views. Definitely will be there again.

Nice casual hike

This is what a hike should be! Long, challenging but not crazy, and not crowded! I would not want to go here in the summer, but it was perfect for an overcast day in the 60's!

A nice hike for the family, one of the most scenic trails in SD

mountain biking
8 months ago

Awesome little trail. Definitely has some good climbs and some fun downhills.

mountain biking
10 months ago

********Watch out where you ride here!******* USMC is taking your bike along with fines $500.00 to $5000.00 if you stray on their unmarked boundaries of their base. this area is close to a live firing range. With this area so close a known park you think they would at the very least post the area for the safety of the people they protecting!

Nice hike

2 years ago

Great area to hike and mountain bike in. I have started this from both the North and South entrances. It's been a few years but I made it to the ranger station and had a drink of water from the spout and I would highly recommend avoiding it.

2 years ago

This was a nice stroll. My 6 year old girl found it a little challenging but finished it without me having to carry her. We didn't go by the Ranger house. Only saw 4 others hikers and 3 bikers.

mountain biking
3 years ago

This was a just plain ole fun mountain bike ride. A little challenging at the beginning if your not a very experience mt. biker, but it was a fun technical ride and then it's a great fast cruising ride after that. There wasn't a lot of people, so that was nice too. I definetely recommend it if you don't feel like going far for a mtb jaunt on a saturday or sunday afternoon.

This is a nice area with wide open space & many trail possibilities. Its great for walking, jogging, running, biking...really anything. I would consider it to be relatively easy. It also features a Visitors Center.

Great loop trail with a nice end (Cardiac Hill). Not a lot of people usually, so great for solitary, peaceful hikes. Unfortunately, the Sunrise Powerlink cut right through here and altered the landscape and the view quite a bit.

mountain biking
4 years ago

There are two entrances to Sycamore Canyon: just south of Scripps Parkway/67 (closes at 5pm daily) and an entrance in a more residential area of Garden Drive and Poway Road (closes at 7pm daily).

These trails are best for biking. The trails are wide enough for vehicles and very maintained. There isn't a lot of shade along the trails so bring plenty of water. There is a ton of wildlife around you (I spotted endless rabbits and several snakes) so be aware of your surroundings.

Great 2.7 mile loop from North trailhead which has a seasonal creek to cross. Love the Visitor Center as well.

very beautiful trail. it's easy to follow the route-signs. there are several possibilities to expand your route.