Great leg workout, not much scenery. Worth it.

The trail is definitely tough, but doable. And because it is "closed to the public" there are three fences/gates that you need to navigate through. It took us 3 1/2 hours to go both ways. And coming down is challenging too, as it is steep. The views at the top are worth the effort though, with great views to the west out to Pt. Loma, south to Otay Lakes and mountains to the east.

The fact they have closed the trail to the public, is a shame. Here is the official reason given by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Considering the adjoining Sweetwater River Trail has figured out a way to accommodate hikers, I would think the we could figure out a way to do it here too. And after all, it was our tax dollars that allowed this land to be acquired in the first place.

Accidentally went on this one today while trying to do Rock House. It's not easy getting up but getting down was almost harder.

Did this hike a ways back. It was hard, but worth it.

Any photos you see here with an AMERICAN FLAG ARE NOT MOUNT SAN MIGUEL, but the rock house hike nearby.

trail is closed to the public. no trespassing sign clearly posted along with a locked gate

Short but steep towards the top. Good workout.

This is right by my home. There were at least a dozen people out there at 6pm. Doesn't say closed out there. I went alone but I recommend a partner. Some areas were hard but not terrible. I'm not young or in perfect shape. It was a great work out. Don't expect to be clean when you're done!

It was really easy. The path is perfect for beginners. In my experience and condition, my friend and I did like less than an hour. But I liked the view and the flag lol

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6 months ago

Very fun ride!

loved this hike....why is it closed?

It was a very challenging hike. Too bad it's already closed. I enjoyed the view and the level of difficulty.

this hike kicked my butt! thank goodness I conquered it before it was closed.

went off the trail and surprisingly made it back after 4 hrs of hike !

went off the trail and was scary adventure and luckily made it back !