Awesome hike! Make sure to have your permit. The ranger is there to check you in before you step foot on trailhead. Waterfall and streams were all flowing great! Bring a pair of sandals. One of the Creek crossings can get deep. The other two have rocks to walk across on. :)

We had to cross 3 creek beds to get to the waterfall. The first one was up to mid-thigh. Totally worth the hike. Waterfall was amazing. Don't forget your $6 permit and ID when you go!

Much more fun and much less crowded than I was expecting for a Sunday afternoon hike. :)

Can be very difficult on a hot day. Ranger station at the top to make sure people are fit enough to make it down, but it is much more difficult coming back up.
The water was cool and clean enough for swimming, I just wouldn't put your head under to definitely keep from getting sick in the possibly stagnant water.

Was my first legit hike and I absolutely loved it! We went a few days after all the rain and everything was so green and beautiful and the Devils Punchbowl Waterfall was completely full!

21 days ago

21 days ago

Start early, it gets hot. Bring more water than you think you need. The way back is uphill with no shade.