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2 days ago

Loved this trail and feeling high up. Felt like some trial maintenance along the way would have helped. Watch out for Mama cows. Sometimes they don't want to clear the trail for you to get by. Altogether, a great hike. We'll be back!

Nice trail with the creeks and the rocks to scramble through a bit on the creeks. Kids would enjoy this one.

Very nice trail with beautiful views, plants, and cows. About 6 miles total from the parking lot. Wear pants to avoid scratches from plants when the trail narrows. Highly recommended, one of my favorite hikes in the Bay Area.

1. strenuous trail but the slopes are not very steep., so only the distance will be killing.
2. pl note there is not much shade and so you would get a lot of afternoon sun if you are day hiking;
3. water is available at the visitor center; there is a tap with untreated water but its untreated, so you need to be preapared for that; Other detours to go for potable water may add to the already long distance, so we didn't try that.

Beautiful views. We went in March and the scenery was spectacular!

Definitely bring lots of water as it's mostly uncovered. The hike is gorgeous with its sweeping hillside. Speaking of which there's a quarry close enough to see and hear that's taken down a hill face. Unfortunate it's right on the border of the national park. The creek/falls itself are accessible by car and that means visitors that aren't accustomed to leave-no-trace ethics. I brought a garbage bag and carried out about 15 water bottles, trash, 6 pieces of clothing, a baby towel and a soccer ball out of the creek only within a hundred foot span. This is devastating to the environment. Other than that, this trail is lovely and may need to be closed to give it some time to recover human interference.

2 months ago

if you are fairly new to hiking it cam be tough but it is worth the hike. also the scenery is beautiful.

It's closed! Storm damaged trail.

trail running
3 months ago

Trail was a great hike. All the creeks we pass threw keep my 3year old interested. lots of beautiful Oak trees so their lots of shade too.

Easy overall. I only went till the dam and headed back. I just followed the road all the way.

Pretty. Uphill, but not too hard. Good calf workout! The water along the trail was really pretty and there were some Falls. The view is gorgeous

Good hike! Make sure to bring aqua shoes if you want to go all the way to where the Little Yosemite falls are. ☺️

The trail was muddy. I didn't like it.

6 months ago

easy to moderate hike. went to the park boundary instead of the backpack camp. beautiful hike that is crowded at beginning and then thins out at after Little Yosemite

6 months ago