Not dog friendly!

I was expecting to see the wetlands by looking at the pictures and it was all dry

Recycling plant and trash facility located nearby, but the smell is largely from the fact that it is a marshlands. So you will smell a lot of Sulfur and stretches of this trail. Especially in the hotter seasons.


mmmehh... not a very nice trial. view of bay waters is ok but trails doesn't take you out to it really. location is ok overall I would pick someplace else to hike.

Stinks, dry, radiation zone(radar)... awful place.

Hi Folks,

I am wondering anyone has measured the "larger" trail, sorry don't know how to describe this, I mean passing over the radar station and keep going on a curved trail then turn left, straight and then left again and back to the water gate then back to the water processing facility... :-)

mountain biking
2 years ago

Dog friendly, gravel but lots of ducks and Hawks. Also we saw a Great Blue Heron. We biked it, strong breeze but no smell or flies...maybe late Oct is better time of year.

trail running
2 years ago

** Access: The trail is quite accessible from a number of locations as it cuts through Walsh Ave, Scott Blvd, 101, and Mission College Blvd. So it is a great place to run/walk/bike for people who live or work closeby.
At the northern end, the trail lies behind the Great America amusement park on one side and the new Levi's stadium on the other. The trail may be closed on days there are events in the stadium. There is a signboard listing the event dates. The part of the trail closure doesnt help to the already small trail.
Parking for me was convenient at the trailhead on Monroe Street.

** Scenery: The trail is bound by a tall, concrete wall on one side and the San Tomas Aquino creek on the other side. The wall on the undercrossings has some sculptures that one can probably pay attention to if one is out on a leisure walk. The wall is not continuous and the trail is very open beyond Mission College Blvd if you're going north. To me, the wall seemed to add claustrophobia to the already narrow trail. The wall does provide shade in the evenings.
The creek on the other side is all dried up and there is a lot of stagnant water, an ideal breeding ground for all types of mosquitoes and what not. The dried creek is more of a stinky drain right now and more of a health hazard than anything else.

** Trail surface: The trail is very narrow all along. It is absolutely straight for most part. The trail is more concrete than tarred road. I prefer road surface for runs/walks. The concrete extends for a long distance on either sides of an overhead bridge. There are dips and inclines in elevation at these undercrossings.

2 years ago

Decent option for a walk or run at sunset - was convenient to a stay in Sunnyvale.

Biked this fora year and loved it. It does stink. Flat ground mostly.

Dogs are not allowed in this park.

Not such a wonderful place....It was a little stinky and lots of flys...I'm glad it's there but I wont be back.

4 years ago

Not at all pleasant..

5 years ago

Not so pleasant, as the sewage treatment plant is right there!

The trail is a gravel road and while it is a nice little hike, there's not much to look at. The best part is walking up the steep hill near the parking lot and taking in the view. Trail is not labeled so ask other people on the trail how long different loops are. Some are just a couple miles and others are longer (6+ miles).

I have used this trail for biking, jogging, hiking, and birding. On the weekends it can get very crowded, but during the week there are less people and you can get better wildlife photos. These trails interconnect with the shoreline bike paths so you can go as far as you like.

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6 years ago

I have hike and bike this trail in Spring 2010. Very flat and open.