Good trail for hiking with the dog.

it's a great easy hike if you wanna just get out for a bit.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Nice hike to the reservoir with a nice breeze.

trail running
2 months ago

Great trail. Excellent view.
I loved it.

Trail is beautiful and always a pleasure.

4 months ago

Decent hiking by the reservoir. Opens up on the east side of the hill.

trail running
4 months ago

After reaching the Reservoir the trail becomes more shaded and hilly. Few people nice run. For reference, names of the trails in the loop : Stevens Creek Tony Loop Trail, Lookout Trail, Vista Loop, Fern, Coyote Ridge then finally back to Stevens Creek Tony Loop Trail.

Pretty area but LOTS of poison oak near the trail. Dress accordingly and stay on the path!

We jumped on at the Stevens Creek Reservoir and hiked the Loop and Tony Look Trails. The Tony Look trail is moderately rolling with a few good views. You will hear the gun club for a good portion of the hike, but the noise fades to white noise after a while.

1 year ago

Great hike - serene and peaceful - with great views and lots of shade. Parked at the winery which is a great spot to end the hike.

Did the Zinfandel trail and Orchard Loop to get close to 5 miles.

Nice trail, plenty of shaded spots along the trail so it doesn't get too hot. The trail is very narrow in some spots and there are a couple spots where hillside erosion has done away with significant parts of the trail and where one misstep could potentially result in a fall/slide down the hill.

This is a big area. We barely covered 1/4 of the area and it took us 2.5 hours. The hike was pretty easy though.

My favorite feature of the park is its closeness to mi casa. My second favorite feature is the view of the reservoir when you get up high enough and come to an open area. My third favorite feature is the abundance of wildflowers. Not so favorite feature? poison oak taking off and being all up in your face on the skinny parts of the trail.