Wonderful sight of nature that's such heart opening! Beautiful weather today too! So close to the bridge and toll plaza and nice learning of marshland and February birds there as well.

It used to look like The previous photo posted.

My son and I like to hike on the Mallard Sough Trail at the Don Edwards wildlife refuge located near Alviso . We have seen a layer of intense green algae like pea soup growing over the salt water pond very rapidly with a sulfuric smell. It has worried me to see snowy Egrets swimming around in it. Also black legged stilts and other rare birds.


Photos on the left are from algae on the Mallard Slough trail at Don Edwards refuge.

This was taken on the Lagoon next to the trail called Mallard Slough, not the salt pond on the other side of the trail that has algae . The first photo was taken April 27, 2015. The photo below was taken June 3rd.

No birds !! And drained way down even though it was full of water a week ago. I have never seen it look so desolate . I'm concerned since I did see at least 2 dead birds in the path.

I'm concerned that this is the last of these birds in our salt marshes. Very sad.

Mary Hahn

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In the past this place was beautiful but the beauty has been spoiled by the algae bloom. Possibly an industrial seepage from nearby facilities .

I need to figure out how to post photos for this.

2 years ago