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The lake is beautiful, even in the middle of January. The trails weren't too crowded, and they all connect in one way or another, so we continued up Ipiwa and Alpine when we were done with the loop for some more exploring!

This was a great hike with small children. Part of the trail has picnic tables that look over the lake. FYI, the trail is not dog-friendly. Dogs are not allowed, which was disappointing.

Great hike with extraordinary views of the Bay and ocean on a clear day. We did this hike on a sunny Winter day and were very comfortable; imagine it would be hot in summer, given the lack of shade.

Excellent hike. Trail was 2.5 miles at best (not 3.5 miles as shown), also is not difficult (flat except for few sections). It's not crowded and great opportunity to spot red shouldered hawk, red tailed hawk, moorhen and spotted towhee.

Hike with family and friends. Nice scenery and easy hike. Recommend for a kickback day hike.

1 month ago

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1 month ago

A great trail. I will definitely come back there soon. A lot to see, wild animals, views, a lot of optional trails and great mountain biking experience. I loved it.

Very nice hike. Perfect for young children. Lots of parking. Can hear the road from time to time but it's not that bothersome.

Perfect for my family with two young children.

5 months ago

6 months ago

This is a lovely easy / moderate trail with excellent views of the bay, ocean and Santa Cruz mountains. I like the counterclockwise loop as you get much needed shade along Ancient Oaks Trail.

9 months ago

Nice not great hike. I left a photo of a Tafoni cave and an overlook, which you can only get to by leaving this route at about 1 mile if you take it counter clockwise, and crossing the private road, looking for a faint use trail, mostly used by climbers I suspect.