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5 days ago

Willow creek is a great place to cool off in the summer time. The hike could be done in an hour but you'd want to stay and hang out by some of the small waterfalls. Winter/rainy months offer impressive water flows, be careful.

8 days ago

Awesome hike. Did not know what to expect and let me tell you the hike was great. Added some pictures, so everyone can see. Not difficult and would recommend you add the south area of Bass Lake to the hike which is right off the parking lot. Parked on the dirt lot across the street. You are looking about 6.5 miles. Light hiking boots or trail shoes are enough.

on Miami Trail

off road driving
10 days ago

20 days ago

For me it was hard to find the beginning of the hike. If your coming from Fresno then the parking will be to your left and the beginning of the hike will start across the street to your right. There's a small street sign that says browns ditch road or something like that. Right now there's lots of muddy spots and lots of snow as you hike further in. There's no signs guiding where you should go and that made it a little difficult for me to know if I was going the right way. All you have to know is that the trail runs along the side of the flume the entire time of your hike. I brought my small dog, but I wouldn't recommend bringing your dog unless you have a carrier like me to carry him every time you walk on the flume. In my opinion, the steel flume looks sharp for dog paws. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this trail. A totally different way of hiking. Happy Adventuring!

28 days ago

My dogs love this hike down to the lake for a swim. Several spur trails made by fisherpeeps and bovine. There are some pretty great views of Pine Flat Lake, as well as a bench about half way in to enjoy a break. This could be a good place to train for some backpacking outings because there is some decent elevation loss and gain during this out and back; mostly over long switchbacks, but there is a section that sometimes has a rope installed for ease of use, as the grade is not friendly. Watch for cowpies! Bass on p.w.'s.....

This trail was really fun! A little scary walking on the flume but doable. A little slippery at times but we got to hike in and out of snow and the waterfall was amazing thanks to all the rain from the past few weeks!

off road driving
1 month ago

Went from South to North in my jeep JK
First 16 miles not too tough.
Very narrow, lots of areas where it was tire to tire between trees. After that it is constant rock crawling
Very tough on vehicles. Broke my sector shaft on steering box, lost part of my exhaust, stripped the lugs on my wheel spacer. Skids took a beating. I have done the Rubicon and Fordyce trail many times. This trail is a lot tougher. But a lot of fun
Bucket list material

Great trail. Went to Temerance Flat before turning around. Looked like it keeps going from there. Will definitely go back.