My favorite hike at Shiloh Ranch!

The creek side trail is an easy hike with trees.

Trails are nice. It's a bummer that the creek is dried up. While there are a few steep parts, the hike felt pretty easy overall. Just watch out for the horse poop along the trail.

Short but fun

fun and great views

Awesome trail!

Love the variety and ease of access

Amazing Workout!


11 months ago

Liked very well

Many alternatives in this small but diverse park, Creek trail leads to a connection with the Ridgetrail and others. Plenty of up and down which are all moderate.

Nice trails- much of it shaded so great for a hot day. No dogs allowed. Beautiful views from the top.

I like this trail because you can choose your difficulty, but still get to the top to enjoy a nice, broad view. There's a great shaded spot with a bench at the top of the hill and it only takes 20-30 minutes to get there.

Wish I had had more time to explore this system as there are lots of options here. Not a huge area but loops around and through the middle with plenty of steep hills make this a nice challenge, or easier rolling terrain. Stay left on a counterclockwise loop for the stream trail which is flat and fun!

A nice loop trail in Windsor, CA with great views of the vineyards and beautiful trees. We did this on a Friday morning and barely encountered anyone on the trail. The elevation gain was not insignificant (1000 feet), and on a hotter day it could have been a better workout, but pretty decent overall.