Wow, great Thanksgiving Day hike with a late start would not recommend it in the darkness and glad we made it back to the trailhead right at sunset.

This hike is about 10 miles round trip. Dog friendly, and parking gets full, so come early. Vault toilets available before heading out. Multiple water crossing (be prepared to get your feet wet or remove your shoes). The hike itself is easy, mostly flat and leads up to the bungee jump site. Nice area to to watch people bungee jump or have your snacks / lunch.

A great hike! Closer to 11 miles than 9 if you decide to scale down/back up the rocks to get down to the creek under the bridge. I did it in September when it was still pretty hot, so I'd just recommend bringing a lot of water so you're prepared in. Case of dehydration. Otherwise, entirely lovely.

Great view and well maintained hiking trail. Enough hiker traffic to ensure your safety, but not too an excess. Loved bungee jumping at the bridge. Definitely be going back again without bungee jumping activity to fully enjoy the amazing scenery that the trail offers!

23 days ago

So the first three miles of this hike is a fire access road with two tunnels. After that the AllTrails map just stops and there is a marked path to the right which dead ends and an unmarked path to the left (refer to my uploaded pic of the map from my Fitbit). The unmarked path to the left is a very steep incline up shale and through thickly overgrown bushes that see little to no traffic. Once up that incline you are on the peak of something and can see Rattlesnake Peak in the distance. However this was unknown at the time since the AllTrails map just stops at the junction and indicates the hike is only 5 miles in/out. However when I got home and looked at the map provided by Fitbit it became obvious that this trail is much longer to the peak. You MUST wear long pants/sleeves for this trail since the bushes are primarily cat's claws and yuccas and overgrown. I always wear long pants/sleeves so I was fine but my partner wore shorts and a tank top and was full of scratches by the end of it. Also (other than the two tunnels) there is absolutely no shade on this trail. Honestly I would not do this hike again or recommend it with Baldy so close. If you just want a challenge, Ice House Canyon up to Thunder Peak is a 15 mile hike with a 5000ft incline and you don't need a machete to do it. Rattlesnake peak trail goes from huge fire access road to absolutely no defined trail where the AllTrails maps ends yet as you can see from the picture of the map from my Fitbit you are no where near the peak. Maybe there was a junction we missed, but as an experienced hiker I am very good at finding trails and am almost certain (99%) that we took the right path (the left line on the map). If I were to do this trail again I would have to use a GPS tracker with real-time tracking in order to make sure we hit the peak. As opposed to my Fitbit which tracks the GPS but can only be seen once the hike is finished and uploaded to the website (in other words you need service).

The hike is not hard, kids and dogs and even people in zero active wear do it. Just bring a lot of water and snacks and a swim suit if you plan on taking a break and playing in the water its pretty awesome, oh and bungee jump on a Saturday off the bridge!!. Think the only hard thing was that me and my friend got lost the first time we did it and brought no water, and one snack, aaaand got lost and had to tread through the water to get where we needed to be, the struggle was more than real it was desperate haha

Iron mountain little brother.

raining day be careful of falling rock, I have seen small stone fell off from the mountain yesterday.

1 month ago

I love this trail. It has portions of hard and easy. I like to stay overnight by the bridge and enjoy the fresh air and the lack of light pollution. I recommend this hike to everyone has has some experience under their belt

At first I thought this is too easy....but as you go it gets tougher. Got up and checked into the ranger station around 8 started my hike around 8:45.
I brought more than enough water 6 liters and ended up giving it to some people along the way. I'd suggest to bring 3 liters per person. The hike is great! Be sure to wear waterproof hiking shoes as I saw too many people in regular tennis shoes who seemed a bit miserable. And your feet will get wet!

If you come prepare this hike is worth every step! It will take 5.5-7 hours depending how fast you want to go and your ability. Great views, but not the quietest if your looking for quiet this might not be your hike. There are definable others on his trail.

Good hike! I went to go bungee jumping off this bridge. Unfortunately it was raining the day I went but that didn't stop us. It was definitely hard! I fell like 3 times. I'm also not an experienced hiker. I hike at random. I'm also out of shape. Still a great hike!

It's a good hike. Well known busy trail. Not much shade for a good portion of the hike. I backpacked and camped past the bridge in the narrows. Solid Backpacking spot.

1 month ago

First half of the hike leading up to the bridge is fairly easy with some scenic environment & river/stream crossing.

The later portion is a bit harder especially in the mid day sun beating down. No cover as you hike up elevation with repetitive landscape of river rocks & boulders below.

If you're stopping at the bridge then it's a little disappointing. From pictures and videos seen online you assume it be big, but that's not the case. To really enjoy the area head down below the bridge and relax by the water. That's one of the few best thing I found about this hike.

I would recommend getting there early because it gets busy in the mid morning to afternoon hours.
Watch your steps, there's alot of river rocks which could potentially ruin your hike with a sprained ankle. I would recommend trekking poles. The trail does have multiple paths at some points so be mindful to watch out for possible "dead-ends" If you see a large group, just follow their lead and you should be fine. Everyone that hikes there is super friendly and helpful.
And depending on the type of weather, bringing water is highly advised.
Overall, the hike is awesome!

This is another favorite hike of mine. I highly recommend this one to anyone who enjoys hiking. Its a must. There are so many beautiful and unique things to see throughout the hike. In the past the water level was so high, when crossing I had to hold my backpack over my head. Best time ever. I cant say enough. I love this place.

Did this one on a Sunday and hit the trail by 7:30 am. Parking lot was pretty empty at 7 am but by 7:15 it was full. Easy hike, 12.5 miles RT done in 5 hours with a good pace and 1 hour lunch break. Lots of water crossings but fun to check your balance. You could get wet so extra socks might be a good idea. Not strenuous at all and easy for beginners however you do have to climb over some big rocks.