16 days ago

Fun little hot spring nook. Lots of plant life surrounding Willet Spring. Make sure to hang a left about a half mile after you see the sign reading that Willet is a mile away. Went over Christmas 2016 and had plenty of water options between a couple rivers and ponds. Weather ranged from a day of rain and a day of small snow flurry to 70*F. Happy travels!

don't underestimate the temperature drop when staying overnight because gets mighty cold especially in windy areas. be sure to bring enough water and to fill up when you can some spots offer water but bring some to be safe because it's quite a wall between sources depending on season.

23 days ago

Nice shakeout hike. Super bowl weekend. Back in time Sunday for the game! Tons of water

This was my first venture on this trail. I was looking for a good trail run to do some hill sprints... this was perfect! Inclines the whole way up, breathtaking beauty all around, and the view about 2.5 miles up was amazing! Looking forward to doing this one again and seeing a lot more of the trail.

Easy to follow trail except in a few places. Bring plenty of water, I found none until willlet. There is a spigot near the sheds in willet but the feed hose coming down from the spring box up the mountain disconnects from the water pressure.

2 months ago

Went in at night, some difficult places to follow the trail the further you go. Some puddles from recent rain, but very little in Sespe River. Able to find water flowing from spring both at Willetts and Sespe camps.

4 months ago

Pretty cool backpacking trip with some leg burners if you're not in shape. Make sure you go when there is water running, otherwise you're going to have a bad time.

4 months ago

I've done this hike twice before and it's been a fun experience when there's been water. This isn't a review so much as a warning to any hikers that would want to do this trail at this time of year: THERE IS NO WATER (except for a small pond at bear creek).

Turned this into an almost 20 mile marathon. Got to the top gate and took a left on Sisar instead of the trail up figuring I'd make it a loop. Didn't realize how far around that took to get up to where it meets Nordhoff Ridge Road - then a good distance more to get to the top of the trail just under Topa Topa. Was initially going to summit the bluffs but had burned through most of my water. Headed back down the trail (top part great for trail running). Did tear up a heel though which kept me home the next couple of weekends.

7 months ago

This is a beautiful trail that affords many opportunities for wildlife viewing. Beyond the varied animal tracks on trail, we saw several deer and a very healthy black bear. The water is still available in many places but beware the heat. The mid-day temperatures this weekend were staggering. Hike early in the day if you venture out Sespe Creek Trail in the summer. The only downside was viewing the trash left at one of the campsites at Bear Flats. If you pack it in then please pack it out.

Beautiful, easy trail with lots of great spots to take a dip.

Beautiful hike out to Sespe Hot Springs. I counted about 10 river crossings along the way. Beware while exploring near rock piles - I saw (and heard) the largest rattler I have seen in my life when I got too close to one. This place feels truly wild. Recommended reading for the trip is the book "The Sespe Wild."

I love this trail and hate it at the same time. Definitely a winter trail unless you like having your skin melt away in the summer.

It was a nice beautiful day. Not too hot and a nice cool breeze.

What an amazing hike this time of year. Hiked out to Oak Flat campground the first night (approx. 8 mi) in about 3 hours and had time to setup camp before sundown. Lots of water in the creeks, and after talking with some locals, this is NOT the norm. Glad we've had some drought relief. Also, this time of year is exceptional. I was trying to count all the different species of wildflowers we encountered, and lost track after 25! Willett Hot Springs was crowded and overrated, but glad I went and sat in for a bit. Too many people yapping about their backpacking exploits to chill and enjoy the springs coming down the cliff outside the tub. The campgrounds are many and laid out along the trail in places where you won't see the other guy even though there was a TON of traffic on this trail. Traffic was definitely a downside.

views were great and you go through a lot of different terrains. But the trail itself is not the best maintained trail. A lot of spots were eroding away and the trail was super steep. if you go from the trailhead towards pine mtn lodge you gain roughly 3000 feet in under 2 hrs.

For So cal, this is an awesome Hike, I did a Day hike went 7.5 miles in To oaks flat ate, waded relaxed and headed back.took 8 hours and 15 miles..... Lots Of People but everyone of the same mindset at least when you get in a Mile or two, close to the trail head is Kind of know....Would love to go deeper in and will some day.

Water, waterfalls, fish, LOTS of Sun, LOTS of shade, if you do the entire distance the elevation gain is tough, definitely going back

10 months ago