Great views if it's clear. For half of the trail there will be no shade if sunny and there is a steady incline the whole way. I went when it was overcast and hiked through the clouds and ended up with a view of blue skies above and clouds below. Plan to go again on a clear day or night. Trail is in great shape.

Fun little hot spring nook. Lots of plant life surrounding Willet Spring. Make sure to hang a left about a half mile after you see the sign reading that Willet is a mile away. Went over Christmas 2016 and had plenty of water options between a couple rivers and ponds. Weather ranged from a day of rain and a day of small snow flurry to 70*F. Happy travels!

don't underestimate the temperature drop when staying overnight because gets mighty cold especially in windy areas. be sure to bring enough water and to fill up when you can some spots offer water but bring some to be safe because it's quite a wall between sources depending on season.

1 month ago

Nice shakeout hike. Super bowl weekend. Back in time Sunday for the game! Tons of water

This was my first venture on this trail. I was looking for a good trail run to do some hill sprints... this was perfect! Inclines the whole way up, breathtaking beauty all around, and the view about 2.5 miles up was amazing! Looking forward to doing this one again and seeing a lot more of the trail.

Easy to follow trail except in a few places. Bring plenty of water, I found none until willlet. There is a spigot near the sheds in willet but the feed hose coming down from the spring box up the mountain disconnects from the water pressure.

Went in at night, some difficult places to follow the trail the further you go. Some puddles from recent rain, but very little in Sespe River. Able to find water flowing from spring both at Willetts and Sespe camps.

Pretty cool backpacking trip with some leg burners if you're not in shape. Make sure you go when there is water running, otherwise you're going to have a bad time.

I've done this hike twice before and it's been a fun experience when there's been water. This isn't a review so much as a warning to any hikers that would want to do this trail at this time of year: THERE IS NO WATER (except for a small pond at bear creek).