It was beautiful until you get toward the end...I couldn't believe all the graffiti..

can be a little sketchy in some places, but lots of little guidance arrows to help you along the way. gets increasingly more challenging towards the end, you'll need all fours at a few points.

Fun trail. We saw a fox and a number of birds. Following the path was rather difficult-we took a much longer route in than we did out. Since we started in the afternoon, we didn't have time to get all the way to the punch bowls, which was disappointing. All together, we did about 14 miles in 4 hours.

There weren't many others on the trail-we saw two groups returning on our way in. The graffiti was reassuring for us first-timers because it is a long and confusing trail. We ended up bouldering at one point when we lost the main trail. All in all, we want to do it again and get all the way to the end.

Loved it !!

4 months ago

went a long time ago...still think about this one from time to time. too bad its closed.

4 months ago

It was beautiful!!

Soooo much graffiti and trash

Fantastic trail, if you don't like it... Wel you probably suck at hiking. Not for anyone who can't find an easy trail or dislike a little trash. Great swimming, there some cool dogs along the way. Don't listen to those complaining, amazing, coming of age hike


This is my least favorite hike so far. I could over look the limited parking and hike through oil wells, but not the graffiti-covered rocks, loud people, trash -- cigarette butts, water bottles, beer cans, used TP, dirty underwear hanging in trees (really! At least 3 pair along the way).

Could have been a nice one due to the shade, creek and falls.

You can have it; I won't be back.

Was a good hike. It is actually about 13 miles in and out if you go to the very top to the last punch bowl. Bring water and comfortable shoes. It's a long hike if you're a first timer and especially if you stay and swim for a while.

This was my first hike in years unfortunately I didn't make it to the punch bowls and got lost, someone needs to mark the trail better there was red X marks and blue spray paint saying "go back" with an arrow but overall it is a good trail with lots to see

6 months ago