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This is a very nice trail with a scrambly finish at the pools. Best to visit in the summer when you can swim in the pools. Bring canyoneering gear if available. Not for young children or anyone with unsure footing. Ford the river just past the Dry Meadow Creek runoff, and right before a sandy campsite where someone is at quite often (found some grill equipment near and a bbq with gas still hooked up). Climb the hill where the gpx follows as anywhere else is quite dangerous.

We really enjoyed this trail! I would rate as moderate to easy, not hard. it even snowed! lots of Sequoia Trees along the way. At the end of this trail there is a continuation of another trail so we were able to add some more miles. Definitely recommend

15 days ago

The trail had some incredible views. You can see needles lookout for most of the trail. It's a quick walk. There is a gate that says road closed keep off. I took that as pedestrians only lol
I parked in the highway where the sign said dome rock and walked from there. Like I said, very short hike

Nice quiet trail, not a "destination" but a pleasant couple of hours hike that is easy underfoot, our kids enjoyed it which meant we enjoyed it too. We carried on up the trail another mile of so past the campground to make a 4 mile round trip hike.

nice trail, not stroller friendly. we passed a neat bridge someone had made. beautiful scenery. we were looking for some pools someone said were around but didn't find any. we stayed all the way to the right. there are different trails shooting in different directions. find some water, was flowing good. I will definitely come back to this trail but bring my baby back pack next time.

it is a long drive up, but beautiful!

23 days ago

We thought this trail was great! It was 8 miles round trip for us and took 3.5 hours. The trail is mostly down hill to the halfway point, the George HW Bush Tree. Hiking out was a challenge, but doable! There is a campsite about 3 miles in, near a stream. Great hike for dogs. Many beautiful, giant sequoias.

27 days ago

Great time with the kids! No water in the stream though.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Love this trail , very dog friendly and easy to follow.

off road driving
1 month ago

Very fun, ran in stock '98 4 runner with stock locker (which we used once on the steep up) and zero other trouble. Oh there was a downed tree we had to take outta the road so yeah bring a saw. Did it solo but a second rig might have been nice.

1 month ago

Did this trail about a week ago it was so beautiful and the weather was perfect! Not to mention the air is so crisp and clean

Sadness still abounds. But I'm not going to let the drought hamper my view of the trail, it was a fun on. It was a great view of Isabella pond, and will hopefully be a great view of the lake sometime soon. Be sure to stop and look at the old mine. It looks like a little jail door, but is now actually a bat sanctuary. There is a sign describing that, but it's pretty thrashed and hard to read.

1 month ago

This one is a jewel! We weren't expecting it to be in the real forest, and were very surprised by it. It's well marked and easy to follow, and there are brochures (there were actually some in there) that allow you to take a walking tour of the trail. It's and odd one though, as the peak is 3/4's of the way through instead of half, so although you're climbing for a while, it does end. Geocachers have a little surprise at the top, too. Should be great for snoeshowing, which will be our next stop there.

on Balch Park Trail

1 month ago

great for a day trip with your family

great spot to check out!!! hike is short and pretty easy. coming back to the car its all uphill so becomes a little harder but not to shabby.

A great trail with an incredible view of the Boole tree!

2 months ago

I came to hike this trail having no idea just a few days prior a man started a forest fire that burned basically all the forest up. Luckily the trail was still fairly easy to follow. The view at the top was still worth it. Would love to come back when things grow back up.

The trail itself is pretty steep and has been washed out a few times. Absolutely worth it when you reach the hot springs though!!

Beautiful well kept trail. Very serene and easy to find. There is a gate but its open. Probably to keep wildlife in. My dog and I heard coyotes close by so it was time to leave but I loved it.