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Great place to visit. Easy walk because the locals volunteer to keep the trail and springs tip top. FYI There is a big rock near the cool pool that seems like a good place to change, or put your stuff, dont do it, I saw multiple items end up in the river including a set of keys.

I have been hiking these trails and camping overnight at Manter Meadow since the 1980s. Even after the big fire, nature has taken care of the place and it is as nice as it has ever been. Yeah, the trails need a little work, but it seems like they are keeping up with traffic. the trail beyond the meadow that goes to Little Manter Meadow and towards Rock House Basin is a bit of a mess. I would recommend filtering the water if you're going to be drinking from Manter Creek. However, I know a secret spring that I have been using for almost 40 years and it has always been flowing well.

Nice lil spot to hangout, very short trail.

Didn't go to far down the trail. Beautiful view and the hot springs are nice. The water is moderate temperature but feels pretty great after hopping in the river during winter lol

20 days ago

Great hike, snowy and icy at the top but it's a great hike. Don't underestimate the time make sure you have enough daylight especially during winter. You could follow the trail up to 16 miles to pass Squirrel Meadow. Be prepared.

21 days ago

my first real trail hike in Cali I wasn't has prepared as I would have liked and was trying a new pack. need to do it again under better circumstances but it was still a great time.

this is a nice trail, we coulf not cross the bridge because it was taken by the water but we followed the spring upstream to some pools . we met some local older folks on the trail that told us about them and that they are much prettier in the summer

Beautiful area to hike. Easy to find as well. Just about 35 mins from the entrance of the canyon and a mile up kern canyon road. Great for dogs to run off leash. Lots of cows grazing around. There is a beautiful stream the flows through area as well.

1 month ago

Ran around and spent time up there as a kid. Awesome area!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! We got to be the first on the trail after the first snow this season. It was amazing!

This is a very nice trail with a scrambly finish at the pools. Best to visit in the summer when you can swim in the pools. Bring canyoneering gear if available. Not for young children or anyone with unsure footing. Ford the river just past the Dry Meadow Creek runoff, and right before a sandy campsite where someone is at quite often (found some grill equipment near and a bbq with gas still hooked up). Climb the hill where the gpx follows as anywhere else is quite dangerous.

We really enjoyed this trail! I would rate as moderate to easy, not hard. it even snowed! lots of Sequoia Trees along the way. At the end of this trail there is a continuation of another trail so we were able to add some more miles. Definitely recommend