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5 days ago

Loved this trail. Great way to spend the day.

9 days ago

9 days ago

Creek was completely overrun after rain the previous day which made it look more like a River. Beautiful hike as everything is green from recent rains.. Made it 3.5 miles up before turning back as we got a late start.

It is very nice but watch out for skinny dippers!

21 days ago

Do not walk this trail in the winter. The trail may be frozen over and you risk falling off the edge. Be aware that the trees along the trail are ridden with ticks that will drop down on you as you walk under them. Cover yourself completely and use repellant. Check your body thoroughly after the hike. There is a steep climb for the first part of the trail with no shade. After that, you may be stone hopping across creaks to follow the trail. As you get close to the cave, keep your eyes open for a trail leading up the hill on your left to get to it. The cave is amazing. It used to be more wet than it has been lately. There used to actually be a pool of water in one of the small rooms. Be sure to get on your hands and knees to crawl and explore the cave. The hike back is tough. Give yourself enough time so you still have daylight.

Great hike loved the views. The water is flowing so crossing over the streams can be a little challenging. But if you don't mind getting your feet wet you'll be ok!

28 days ago

We are planning to go here this weekend, anybody know the area's current condition after the heavy rain?

great trail.

paved, easy

great family friendly trail.

Nice little hike. Downhill was super easy. Almost completely uphill on the way back was more difficult. Definitely worth exploring. The hot springs are stunningly picturesque next to the river.

Great place to visit. Easy walk because the locals volunteer to keep the trail and springs tip top. FYI There is a big rock near the cool pool that seems like a good place to change, or put your stuff, dont do it, I saw multiple items end up in the river including a set of keys.

I have been hiking these trails and camping overnight at Manter Meadow since the 1980s. Even after the big fire, nature has taken care of the place and it is as nice as it has ever been. Yeah, the trails need a little work, but it seems like they are keeping up with traffic. the trail beyond the meadow that goes to Little Manter Meadow and towards Rock House Basin is a bit of a mess. I would recommend filtering the water if you're going to be drinking from Manter Creek. However, I know a secret spring that I have been using for almost 40 years and it has always been flowing well.