9 months ago

Very easy hike stunning views.

1 year ago

Nice walk. Wheelchair accessible.

2 years ago

The Beetle Rock hike, if it can be called a hike, is a short walk from the overflow parking lot at Giant Forest to the Giant Forest Museum. The paved trail leads you right up onto Beetle Rock and the Beetle Rock Family Nature Center. The center is a facility for educational groups that are studying the park. Beetle Rock is a large granite slope with impressive views to the south and west. The trail begins at the bathroom in the overflow parking lot, climbs just a bit and emerges onto Beetle Rock. This is a great spot for have a little fun scrambling and exploring after the car ride up the mountain. This is a play land for kids that like to poke around boulders and chase chipmunks and lizards. The views are wonderful, but best viewed in the evening when the sun is setting it the West. The trail will pass on the West side of the parking lot and continue across the Generals Highway to the Giant Forest Museum. This area is a staging area for the free shuttle system the park service uses to cut down on private vehicles in the park.