Here’s where you’ll find some of the nicest Little League baseball facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area including six baseball diamonds & an enclosed batting practice area. Sea Cloud Park also has some soccer fields and is a good place to start a bike ride along the San Francisco Bay Trail.

My all time favorite

trail running
9 months ago


Nice bike trail. Great breeze. Have to be careful, lots of joggers and walkers... and walkers that do not watch where they are going.

very nice place, fun to watch all airplanes flying over. very close to the sea which makes the ride more enjoyable.

Very easy and nice walk! Worked at Coyote Point, so I walked this everyday!

I bike this trail just about everyday. Great scenic views of the bay on all sports played on it such as sail boarding and kite boarding which are awesome to watch. Only bad thing is that there really no areas for off roading. Overall great for a relaxing walk/run/bike ride.

This is a good beginner course or if you just want to get a quick sprint on your lunch break.

mountain biking
5 years ago

Bringing a mountain bike on this ride is like taking a Range Rover to the grocery store. It's all flat, paved, marked, etc. There is this one area south of the San Mateo Bridge and north of Oracle that is off the path. It's basically a little mountain bike trick course and it's pretty fun. Other than that, it's a road bike along the bay which means its flat and mostly windy.