Was a pleasant hike with nice views to the San Gabriel's

Awesome trail!

Good trail for running. Not too many uneven areas. Big plus, has a playground for my family to play while I'm running

3 months ago

So, this hike was surprising! I found the directions from another site that said it was only going to be 4 miles - but when I hit the 4 mile mark and was still far from the car I knew it would be awhile. It was a good walk but I would not do it again in July. There is not a lot of shade and it got very hot rather quickly. I will however do it again for a good workout this Fall! This is a dog friendly hike.

Was a good hike had a great time with friends. I'll be brining a hat next time

Nice trail, family friendly

Pretty easy. Not a ton of shade.

Convenient ,scenery rout for every age group

very good hike. good workout. kid friendly. we even seen snakes and deers and rabbits. would definitely do it again.

Amazing trails

I love these trails. I have been riding my horses in them for years and it's always beautiful. For Horseback riders, be careful of the Mountain bikers because unfortunately a lot don't slow down when passing. For those that do, thank you!