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Santa Teresa County Park is located in the Santa Teresa Hills ten miles south of downtown San Jose. This diverse 1,627 acre park, rich in history, offers spectacular views from its trails above the Almaden and Santa Clara Valleys. The secluded upland valleys of the park provide a quiet interlude for exploring the natural environment minutes away from the surrounding developed areas. Santa Teresa County Park is located at the southern end of the Santa Teresa Hills. The park may be accessed from either Almaden Valley or Santa Clara Valley. From Santa Clara Valley, take US 101 or Highway 85 to the Bernal Road exit. Proceed west 1.3 miles on Bernal Road and cross Santa Teresa Boulevard toward the Santa Teresa Hills. Bernal Road continues past the park's Santa Teresa Golf Club, winding up into the hills. The Pueblo Day Use Area is located off Bernal Road in a small open valley in the hills. Limited parking and trailhead access are available from Almaden Valley. From San Jose, follow Almaden Expressway until it ends. Turn right onto Harry Road, then turn left onto McKean Road. Travel approximately 1.3 miles to Fortini Road. Turn left onto Fortini Road toward the Santa Teresa Hills. At the end of Fortini Road, turn left onto San Vicente Avenue. A ten car parking area is located on the right about 500 feet from Fortini Road. Public transit is available to Santa Teresa County Park.

2 months ago

This is a great loop trail that goes from the Pueblo Group Area, to Coyote Peak, and back down the Rocky Ridge Trail. There are great views of both the Diablo and Santa Cruz Mtns, and of Silicon Valley, especially from the peak. The Rocky Ridge section of this loop is exposed to the sun, but luckily the day of our hike it was quite windy. A coyote was seen trotting along the trail ahead of us.

Perfect 3-hour walking trail.

Not much coverage or greenery this time of year, but parts of this trail is stunning!

The trail was very warm, little shade. It is not an easy hike, but it is enjoyable. I saw quite a few deer and a bob cat on the trail today.

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4 months ago

The Rocky Ridge Trail lived up to its name.

8.3 miles here is not easy. it took me 2 hrs 25 minutes. a very good challenging hike. next time I will add the Stiles trail.

6 months ago

Took this trail by accident. Interesting to see a different side of San Jose. However, a portion of the trail has sliding rocks so be careful where step. It's quite narrow and hard to find shade for a break. Great for solo hiking and bike ride. The incline and sun is enough to question exercising ever again. Towards the end of the trail there's a nice grassy area to chill. Not a trail I would repeat.

A nice hike with a few spots that were picture worthy, but overall, nothing that really made me or my kids stop to enjoy the view.

Easy hike (especially if you're just starting out)with multiple options. Some trails (like mine trail) ok for stroller.

8 months ago

Beautiful views from the top of coyote peak, definitely worth checking out.

Green grass, wild flowers, views and great for the dog. Part of trail is heavy single track for bikes but zero issues. Some mud, but great to hear water in the creeks. Great time of year for this hike.

Best to hike in the early morning. I saw deers, turnkey, and coyote there. Awesome view.

Great hike!

Beautiful views of the San Jose area.