The stark Colorado Desert, with its agave, ocotillo, and creosote, rises up boulder-strewn and eroded canyons to chaparral, juniper, and pine-covered ridges. Elevations change drastically from just above sea level to over 7,000 feet. Seemingly desolate and inhospitable, the Santa Rosa Mountains are laced with deep washes and shallow drainages. Several riparian streams flow year-round. Blistering summer heat is sometimes relieved by thunderstorms that send torrents of water down the sandy washes. Many of these regions are important lambing sites for bighorn sheep; in fact, the mountains support the largest herd of rare peninsular bighorn sheep in the United States. Coniferous forests high in these mountains provide habitat for mule deer, while the desert below houses numerous reptiles including the desert slender salamander. Great horned owls soar in the night skies, and falcons and eagles nest and forage throughout the Wilderness. The primary access into the Wilderness is the 9.5-mile Cactus Spring Trail.

This is a very well marked trail which I really like. No chance on getting lost. It is fairly easy and very little elevation (in my opinion) for those who don't like elevation gain. I really enjoyed this hike and had enough energy left over to do about an hour of the Art Smith trail which is across the street when I was done. BTW The Art Smith is also quite nice and well marked.

Seriously this trail is not for the novice! I'm a fit chick, runner and a hiker! It's an uphill trail overall! Awesome scenery. Should not be rated as easy!

Perhaps desert hiking is not my favorite hiking... But this was a well marked trail, heavy sand in the wash area, the ridge route was nice. Couldn't get a view of the valley, as the prohibited area protecting the Big Horn sheep prevented us from peeking over the ridge. I was a bit disappointed.

Very nice non-strenuous walk with 80 year old dad.

8 months ago

This isn't the Boo Hoff trail, just a hike in the La Quinta cove. The Boo Hoff is a 9 to 12 mile hike depending on where you finish at the lake or back at the cove.

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9 months ago

Lots of people on this trail. Easily accessible and a variety of plants to be seen. It's enjoyable walking or running up the wash.

This is a good introduction to hiking in the Coachella Valley.

Great- the boo hoff trail is 9 miles one way, but connects to the cove trail at the lake Cahuilla visitor lot... For another 4 miles to make a nice loop. It's easy to loose the trail, but there are people about... Bring lots of water!!!

I wouldn't say it's easy- maybe moderate... Especially once you head into the mountains- I took it and connected with the cove to lake trail for a challenging 12 mile loop... Bring plenty of water!!!

Good morning hike in the desert. Nice views some up hill but not bad. Very close to the road but at times you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere

Starting to see color. Great

10 months ago

This was a nice little hike...more of a long walk. Trail is well maintained. Runners are fine. Was fun with the limited time we had available.

11 months ago

Very beautiful. Fun hike. Cool canyons with ropes near the trailhead.

Some good elevation to get yer sweat on and incredibly quiet once you get back into the canyon and if you so desire it can be just a wash walk

1 year ago

every Wednesday......

This was a nice little morning leg stretcher. There are nice views down into the valley and modest distance and elevation gain. Bering water and sun protection because this trail is very exposed. There were lots of folks out enjoying the trail today, and they were good company. Part of the trail is closed off the protect bighorn sheep. They didn't make an appearance though.

For the seasoned hiker, this is a very pleasant low-level walk from the Santa Rosa Monument center off Hwy 74. You can pick up a pamphlet at the monument that provides an explanation for the dozen or more discretely marked items of interest along the trail. You can choose to take a shorter loop if you wish. My wife and I really enjoyed this walk and have done it several times. There's also the chance of seeing Big Horn sheep. The Art Smith Trail is just across the road.

This is a nice desert trail. Come early in the summer and park across the hwy at the Art Smith trailhead parking lot. 8AM is really too late to start in the heat of the summer.
The trail is well marked, but as I can attest it is possible to get off of it on a spur to nowhere.
Not at all strenuous, but still a nice walk. Bring water and a big brimmed hat, that is just about the only shade you are going to get.