The stark Colorado Desert, with its agave, ocotillo, and creosote, rises up boulder-strewn and eroded canyons to chaparral, juniper, and pine-covered ridges. Elevations change drastically from just above sea level to over 7,000 feet. Seemingly desolate and inhospitable, the Santa Rosa Mountains are laced with deep washes and shallow drainages. Several riparian streams flow year-round. Blistering summer heat is sometimes relieved by thunderstorms that send torrents of water down the sandy washes. Many of these regions are important lambing sites for bighorn sheep; in fact, the mountains support the largest herd of rare peninsular bighorn sheep in the United States. Coniferous forests high in these mountains provide habitat for mule deer, while the desert below houses numerous reptiles including the desert slender salamander. Great horned owls soar in the night skies, and falcons and eagles nest and forage throughout the Wilderness. The primary access into the Wilderness is the 9.5-mile Cactus Spring Trail.

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on Boo Hoff Trail

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4 days ago

What a beautiful hike!

We went 4.75km to the triple oasis and then back

Fabulous topography; foliage and views. Fewer hikers than those closer to Palm Desert.

Certainly want to bring water.

We can feel our legs tonight!!

Great easy hike. Beautiful and safe.

If you're looking for a starter hike this is it

Such a beautiful trail! It offers a bit of everything, views of the desert, beautiful flowers, inclines and declines.

trail running
20 days ago

perfect running trail!!!!! its easy and the trail is built so you won't get lost!

1 month ago

Super easy and super enjoyable! Most of the hiking in the Palm Desert area is going up a large rock mountain. In comparison, the Henderson Trail is more like a nature hike. This trail gives you opportunity to see a lot of naturally occurring desert vegetation and cacti. Also great for bike riding because it is not crowded and has large paths.

Only downside is that they block off a large part of the summit to protect the Big Horns. Therefore you miss seeing the panoramic vistas.

Go up trail and veer right around the lower mountain. 6 miles. Not out and back. Out and around!

1 month ago

Awesome hike. But yes it was a little rough for being my first time hiking this trail. We will definitely do it again. ❤