Great trails for a family hike, many different trails to explore.

trail running
3 months ago

My favorite place for a trail run! Be careful... Tons of tarantulas and a few coyotes crossed my path several times. Stay alert!

Great Hike today. Cool morning. Got in 5 miles of a good steady hike!

Great easy hike. I was able to hike a 9.5 mile loop. Along the trails I came across a tarantula and some coyotes.

I loved this hike. After Monument we kept going to the adobes. Awesome Sunday hike.❤️❤️

6 months ago

I thought it was fun. Small trail, more difficult in that the path was rocky and uneven, which made it fun for me. If you do want to see wild life, then do this trail. However, if you are afraid of snakes or crawling creatures then don't do this trail. I thought it was fun! I did see some poison oak but it was not near the trail.

on Granite Loop Trail

6 months ago

This was our first time hiking the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve trails. We hiked parts of the Granit Loop and Vista Grande trails, about 2 miles worth. This was a easy strolling hike. The trails were well maintained and marked. We loved the scenery - rolling hills, wildflowers, knotty oks, and grassy plateaus. We'll come back and maybe hike the Vernal Pool trail and see the Adobes. Worth the entrance fee!

So close to home, but out of reach when out there, was a splendid run.

Great for a relaxing hike on a breezy day.

A great hike nice gradual elevation changes, not much shade.

love this trail!! We did the 8 mile trail and got in over 20k steps. Took the babies in carriers for extra weight, they have added more bench areas throughout for quick snack stops. Overall a tough trail of you are planning on trucking most of it and adding in some running. Lots of up and down with steep hills and tons of nature around you. I suggest using a camelback, because carrying anything in your hands will take a toll, especially since the trail isn't very laid out for humans to walk on so be careful!

Beautiful and diverse I think we hiked 3 different trails can't wait to go back

Turned this 7.5 mile hike into 11.14 miles. Beautiful rolling trails. Nothing difficult. It took 3 hours and 8 minutes to complete this hike. It was a nice easy stroll for me. great distance hike with some speed, but no challenge of steep inclines and elevation gains. Great for family hikes/picnics, however pets are not allowed and the fines are steep.

10 months ago

First time out there. Beautiful scenery. Los Santos trail from the Vernal Pools was a little rough for me. I had no idea what to expect on that trail. It was still a bit wet from the rain so made going up and down slippery. Plan to return and do other trails.

Hiked a 7 1/2 mile loop today. Got started around 8:30 and was back by 11 am. Perfect timing, as it was getting pretty hot by the time I got back to the parking lot. The loop I took started at the visitor center - waterline rd to Faultline which turns into Punta Mesa. Punta Mesa ends up at the Adobes, where you can rest under the Oaks for awhile. I then took Ranch Road and Ranch Trail back to the Visitor Center.
There was plenty of shade on the Punta Mesa portion of the loop, and this area of the park is beautiful.
Wildlife-wise, almost stepped on a 2 foot rattlesnake when walking the Faultline Road section, so keep your eyes down, which I guarantee you I did for the rest of the hike. Also saw a huge coyote off of Ranch Road, probably the biggest one I've ever seen.

Nice trail that will give you time to think. Not difficult but relaxing. Not too many sights but the hills are nice.