Great for your daily dose of trail, easy peasy;)

Tough but worth it. I would say this is one of my favorite hikes/trails in the LA area because there are multiple ways you can take it up ranging from easy to hard. The first time me and my girlfriend went we tried the hardest trail which looked to be the shortest, but was also the most steep and we did not make it to the top. The second time we went we took the more moderate but not easiest trail and ended up finishing it and it was worth it. The views at the top were great and it was very peaceful, also it's a bit higher than 1000 ft so not sure why it only has 800 something posted.

Great hard work out!

Tough one but great!!!!

1 month ago

steep but overall great workout.

The information for this trail is under Tuna Canyon Trails. I originally submitted this trail under the name Big Rock Motorway but changed it to the more appropriate Tuna Canyon Trails. There must have been some confusion as both trails were accepted. Big Rock Motorway is only one of the trails in Tuna Canyon Park.

El caminar con el tiempo te haces una costumbre

Great to walk or also run while training for a Spartan

Going there is another world

Great hike! View at the top is fantastic, but you have to continue to climb after reaching the dirt service road for the best view!

4 months ago

Did this area again on a day that was climbing into the 100s in the valley. At a nearby resident I noticed the outside temperature was 92. The only thing that kept the hike from being totally miserable was the breeze. Even it wasn't as cool as normal but it still mitigated the sun. I avoided any real climbs and carried a lot of water. I still rate the hike a 5 because you can't discount a hike because of the weather and the views are really great for minimal effort. A section of the Budwood Motorway has that unique combination of a view of both downtown and the coast. All the hikes I've done out of this trailhead are short. Combine a couple and you can get a respectable distance.

4 months ago

This is a great sweat, 30 min up 45 minutes down pretty peaceful minus the bugs

Pretty demanding climb up to the top, but the incline only lasts a little bit more than a mile. From the top, you can see the Pacific Ocean on a clear day and there are lots of trails that branch off the main trail so you can make your hike as long as you wish. Also very fun to mountain bike! Would have given it 5 stars, but the loop as indicated on All Trails isn't marked very well so I always end up taking a different way back down.

Hard!!! Good!!!

4 months ago

I took the Big Rock Motorway, Hearst Tank Motorway and adjoining trails maybe a decade or more ago when walking a dog of a nearby resident. Dog walking on these trails was very popular with locals back then. Recently returned on a Sunday and the popularity of the area seems to have increased. A group that had exercise mats was leaving so it looked to me like they had used the area for a yoga class. A lot more people without dogs were out and about. The views from the end of the Hearst Motorway make a hike in this area very worthwhile. There is limited parking on the road although that also seems to have expanded in the intervening years. There's a spiral at the end of the Hearst Tank Motorway that has been there since I was there long ago. It's well established now with a clear spiral path created from regular use,

Easy to hike. Few hikers here and there. Make sure to bring sunscreen!

Good after long day of work relaxed work out.