One of my favorites in the area. 6 good climbs and I recommend doing the top loop counter clockwise because you get a long stretch facing the ocean at the end.

I really liked this trail, the beginning and end are mainly in the sun but once you get up the mountain on the back loop it's much cooler and you get the ocean breeze. I'm a beginner trail runner so it had great inclines that I could run up some then walk. I would definitely do this trail again, once you get to the top the views are amazing

There's a couple different options to take on this trail - both will offer great views of the canyon, and both will include some pretty steady inclines. I did the trail that is shown on the map clockwise (both loops). The 2nd loop towards the north will take you to the peak and will offer an awesome view of the canyon and ocean beyond. The trail clocked in at a bit over 7 miles and took 3 hours. Overall a good length. I give this hike 3 stars due to the exposure on the trail (you're in the sun most of the time), so be sure to bring plenty of water if you're going to do this in the summer months. Enter the parking lot at the Solstice Canyon sign - parking is free - that will take you directly to the trailhead.

Our favorite trail so far, it only could have been better if there was water in the lake. We will be back. Only thing is All Trails says dog friendly, but the trail head is clearly marked no dogs. Not quite sure what is up with the incorrect information.

This trail was great! They were easily marked and some cool things to see along the way. I had the AllTrails app on me and had no problem seeing my position on the map along the way with or without service. I didn't the trail was very difficult, but some of the inclines were pretty steep at times. Perfect distance for a day hike. Also there are a few tables and benches around to eat on by the parking lot

Really don't understand how anyone could get lost on this hike. It's one of the most well sign-posted trails in the hood and there's a free paper map that the Park provides right at the start. Plus, it seems a lot of the confused reviews seem to be for the Solstice Canyon trail, not be Sostomo & Deer Valley loop trails which is what this should be about. regardless, it was still an enjoyable scenic hike with plenty of different terrain and as someone else's review aptly described in, has a lot of up-down-up-down trajectory rather than just your traditional up-up-up then down-down-down path. I really didn't think it was that difficult to navigate even without a map and I wouldn't rate it as hard either. More of a moderate, not unlike some other parts of the backcountry trails in the SM mountains. Lug soles/hiking shoes would definitely help you here though.

6 months ago

Excellent day hike for folks who want to commit to going the distance. The combined loops along with all the other scrambling we did here made our total distance about 7.6 miles, and it took us about 6 hours. I stopped to take a lot of pictures along the way.
Check out the old hunting cabins, the streams, the ocean views, etc. for a total experience. The elevation climb was very intense at times. Dog-friendly but make sure your pooch is young and in good shape.
The bad: trails are not marked well and I got pretty turned around (lost) in there. Also, encountered several bee hives.
I recommend bringing a lot of water, bug spray, sunscreen. Have fun.

This trail isn't as complicated as some reviews suggest. Once you turn onto Corral from PCH, it's a short distance to where you turn left to head to the trail head. You can park anyway along that path. We fortunately found parking. You can also park on Corral just outside the turnout a little further up the road. The trail has bathrooms after a real short distance. Then, you can follow my recorded path for the 6+ mile hike. You go a ways up for some beautiful views. We also saw a deer and plenty of lizards and birds (woodpeckers and some colored birds). We just missed a rattlesnake (whew) that some other hikers were talking about. In all, if you follow my recorded path below the reviews, you'll get a pretty solid workout. I'd say make sure you have 3 hours, though it could probably be done in 2 1/2 or even a little less.

Too much brush , path is hard to see and seemed A bit sketchy.

We went hoping to do a 7 mile loop and ended up getting lost three times- this trail is very poorly marked. Ended up finding an unmarked trailhead going up the mountain and did that for a couple of hours till we decided it wasn't going anywhere and turned back around. Unfortunately the waterfall isn't there anymore because of the drought. There are far prettier (and marked) trails in Malibu.

7 months ago

i did the zuma ridge trail that was unmaintained. this was difficult only because the way back to the parking lot took forever (inclines). had to calm my buddy down cuz he started feeling lost at one point. plan to start early if youre slow otherwise youll make the ranger wait to close up.


1st two miles is 90% of the elevation gain, Very narrow shady trail. awesome Hike

This trail is misleading with no end in sight. It says it's 1.3 miles long but it's a trail from hell if you're unprepared (which I was). You might think there's an end in sight, but I ended up turning back after 2 hours of hiking.

I'm with Soren N on this one: Beware of the un-posted trail length. We took off on this one with too little sunlight left, feeling somewhat familiar with Solstice and thinking that the "1.3 mile" loop trail sign meant just what it sounds like: a loop that is 1.3 miles long. We caught a killer sunset over the ocean, but never knew whether to turn back, if we were about to land on some private property, etc. Regardless, it's a pleasant trail with a healthy amount of inclines, if you're just looking for a glute work out ;) More than half of the trail is without canopy, so I'd definitely recommend this to be a fall or wintertime hike.