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The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area or SMMNRA, is a United States National Recreation Area containing many individual parks and open space preserves, located primarily in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. The SMMNRA is located within the greater Los Angeles region, with two thirds of the parklands in northwest Los Angeles County, and the remaining third including a Simi Hills extension in southeastern Ventura County, California.

It was good! The way to waterfall is pretty easy, but if you dont go back, but instead continue hiking to make a loop, you will experience some elevation.

Nice hike and some good views.

This is a relatively easy hike that will surround you with the Pacific and wild flowers (thanks to the rain) and views of bluffs and beaches.

As of February 2017, the right hand side of the loop of this trail is pretty treacherous due to all the recent rain. I would consider closing this half of the trail. I went clockwise starting at the Busch Drive trailhead and I was fine until I started the downward part of the climb (about 11o'clock in the loop) Lots of waterfalls that are flowing pretty steadily higher up, and one big stream at the lowest point in elevation that you have to jump/scramble across- NOT for the beginner/intermediate hiker. I very easily could have hurt myself (badly) but I was able to jump across about 4 ft wide stream of water. Pretty crazy. There is also a decent sized waterfall/stream by the Bonsall trailhead and unless you have proper footwear you will get pretty soaked going up that trail. There are also several spots in this trail if you stop and look up/around you you will see that there was recently a LARGE landslide that has gone directly through where yo are standing. Definitely scary. Lots of downed trees at narrow points in the trail where you are about 2000ft elevation- again, not for the faint of heart or beginner hiker. Other than these things this is a great hike, length wise and elevation wise. Just maybe wait to go until April or May 2017!!!

6 days ago

Great all day hike. Stopped for a quick snack at inspiration point, did some bouldering, and the pup slept for days after!!!