This is a great trail without the crowds. I took East Canyon to the top where it merges with the Weldon Canyon trail. 2.7 miles. Go .4 miles further to where the trail is fenced off. Here there is a sign for the Mission Point Trail. It's another 1.5 miles to Mission Point, on mostly level terrain. It adds 3 miles RT, but it's an easy 3 miles. I highly recommend taking this all the way to Mission Point, as it's more challenging the hiking up from O Melvany park, and the views are incredible.

Decent hike. Would prefer there be no pavement but it was still nice once you started up the mountain. Great for cooler weather. Hiked to the picnic bench at the top and ran it all the way back. Great views.

trail running
2 months ago

Great place to run!

Excellent walk, don't be deceived by the easy asphalt walking, it gets more difficult.
Great to be out in the open air

trail running
3 months ago

I've been running up East Canyon for about a year. Trails are maintained regularly. Haven't had any issues with ticks or rattlers. Shaded for a good part of the hike. Lots of trees, bushes, and flowers. What I love the most about this trail are the views from the top. You can see the SCV and the SFV. On clear days, you can even see down town Los Angeles. Not many people know about this trail it seems, because chances are that you'll maybe encounter one or two people on most days. Beats the overcrowded trail at Towsley Canyon, in my opinion.

Nice, mostly paved trail near my home. I've hiked and biked this several times. My dogs love it, too. Interesting history including several old buildings and the site of the first commercial oil well in California. Consider adding to your hike (and save a few dollars on parking) by parking outside the park. Watch for rattlesnakes and coyotes...I have encountered both in this area.

Not one I enjoyed much

6 months ago

mountain biking
7 months ago

Great steady uphill for mountain bikers. Will record the route on my next outing

The views were incredible!

This is a nice out and back trail with historic significance. Ran across several bikers but all had good trail etiquette.

Good all level trail with an old fire road that leads all the way to the summit. The final 2 mile incline gives you a moderate cardio workout. I saw picnic tables at two different points along the trail, nice secluded shaded areas for a picnic. Beautiful view from the top.

mountain biking
3 years ago

too much overgrrowth and snakes

This is my favorite place to take my Dog for a walk. There are very few hikers on Monday and Tuesday and the gun range is closed so it is nice and Quite. There is a nice stream that runs most of the year except in the summer so there is a nice soothing sound for most of the hike. A little bit of scrambling to be had at the end if you want to reach the top of the canyon.

No cell reception and I got rattled at just on the walk from where i parked on the road to the trail sign! Too spooked to go on beyond the gravel parking lot since I didn't have a buddy with: next time I will, just in case i have another rattler run-in.

Ticks! Ticks! Ticks! While I enjoyed the trail, the experience was ruined as I spent the rest of the day removing ticks. I found more than a dozen ticks crawling all over me as I drove home. If you're determined to hike this trail, spray on the DEET. Probably explains the lack of crowds.