Welcome to Sanborn County Park. This lushly wooded park of over 3,688 acres, is nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains between Saratoga and Skyline Boulevard. This mountain park of redwoods and tan bark oak, offers hiking, camping, RV camping and picnicking opportunities year round. Enjoy your visit today and return often to experience the many features of Sanborn County Park. Sanborn County Park is located on Sanborn Road. From Saratoga, proceed two miles west on Highway 9 to Sanborn Road. Turn left onto Sanborn Road, traveling one mile to the park entrance. The park is open year round from 8:00 a.m. to sunset.

Perfect first CA family hike.

mountain biking
27 days ago

If you think of parking at Sanborn County Park, beware that they only open at 8:00. Except from that great trail : physical ups, easy to run flats, rocks to practice agility and technical downs. Extensively used AllTrail map and that saved me several times : thanks guys !

We did the Lookout Trail. Good signage, clean trail(no dog poop) not crowded. The trail is in shade so trekking in high sun is ok too. Moderate uphill climb.

Amazing views, very clear trail and footing easy for running shoes. Challenging 3-4 hour hike!

2 months ago

Nice walk. Lots of shadow. I would like it better if there were circle options.
Great trail anyway.

Nice trail, beautiful view.

Very nice trail ☺️

A little hard for small kids but short enough to bear it out. A bit dusty and kids can skid and fall is not careful.

trail running
3 months ago

Very enjoyable track. Not easy for trail runner due to some steep uphills and downhills. Watch your knees :).
Great shaded trail with some great landscape view.

4 months ago

Did a morning hike to get myself ready for the school year- got out at ten after an hour long drive. Very few cars in the lot. Since we arrived a little behind schedule, we decided to do a reverse loop, with the switchback climb primary.

The switchback climb ends 2.2 miles after the trailhead. Most of the climb is a strenuous elevation gain with very few breaks from the incline. There are, however, trail junctions at which you can take a momentary break. To get a good workout, we completed the uphill climb in 45 minutes. We were drenched in sweat by the time we reached the upper junction.

It wasn't worth going up to Skyline. Trying to get back by 11:30, we turned and started the downhill. The decline had many more unguarded spots (i.e no shade) and a few great views. All of the creeks by the top of the hike are, unfortunately, dried out this time of year.

Most of the decline is a fire road, but the first third of the decline is somewhat narrow and you need to be attentive to the ridges both above and below you. The trail eventually opens up and you'll see more hikers.

The trail is a wonderful, strenuous elevation gain followed by an equally steep, but exponentially easier, descent that offers great views and the option to follow a creek (only recommend that in the winter) to finish the hike.

The base has both stagnant and rushing water. The small creek by the trailhead is clean enough to drink from without purifying (though I don't recommend that!) along with picnic benches. We saw a camp of 15-20 four year olds as we finished the hike (11:00 camp) so beware of that.

In conclusion, this trail is as good as it gets around here! Bonus: dogs are allowed!

4 months ago

Great hike in the shade. Strenuous going up, love that.

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