Great Hike loved the scenery!! Be back for certain!

go a couple days after the next rainstorm. The creek can rise pretty high immediately after, so give the water time to settle. The falls were beautiful. it's been a long time since they've been so full. I'd bring along a walking stick or trekking poles as it'll help you cross the creek. Remember to leave no trace and pack out what you brought in. Happy Hiking.

2 days ago

After all our rain this last month there was tons of water. There were waterfalls all the way down the canyon. so beautiful!

8 days ago


13 days ago

beautiful trail. though little water on the falls, still extremely beautiful place.

14 days ago

Nice short hike. Not much water on the falls but that doesn't take away from nature's beauty. This had great views and was not crowded at all. Great Hike.

24 days ago

Went the day after Christmas and encountered:
-full parking at trailhead
-multiple groups, kids, dogs
Respect this cool spot and leave it better than you found it for everyone to enjoy by packing out the trash you find.
Easy to follow trail takes you to top of falls.
1.4 miles round trip.

1 month ago

Nice little hike. Not much water even after a day of rain. Great views and if you like to be away from the crowd this is the spot!

1 month ago

Easy hike great and relaxing. The weather was cool and we were pretty high up. Beautiful views. We took 3 dogs and 1 pup...too much fun. ENJOY

great hike but no water fall

2 months ago

Took the yellow dog with us, followed him onto a side trail & ended up doing a bit of bush whacking to get back on the main trail up to the falls. Pretty easy hike, we'll definitely have to go back after a good rain & see the falls when they aren't dry!

Easy, quick, scenic hike most anyone would be able to do. Little actual water at the falls because of the drought.

not that hard until the end. 90 percent was moderate, the last section was difficult because of the incline but very doable for most people with breaks.