easy but still very pretty.

Great fun for the whole family! If you've got little ones I definitely recommend visiting the information center. Lots of cool live animals to see (snakes, turtle, lizards, ect) and you can pick up a scavenger hunt from the employees (or there are some outside on the sign) and turn it in when done for a Jr Ranger badge! After we did that we drove to the other side of the reserve (just one more exit south) and checked out Annie's canyon trail. So fun especially for my 9 year old. Lots of steep and narrow spots but definitely worth checking out. My 3 year old was able to make it up with a little help from Daddy but he did great and really enjoyed it as well. We will be back!

Tons of mosquitos !!! And freeway noise most of the trail . Aside of that the locals and joggers are very friendly ... I was stopped 3 different times by hikers trying to find the canyon... I walked the wrong direction up the oil pipeline , u want to head towards the west side of the freeway

Very good with family

we hiked to Annie's Canyon. it was a beautiful day. went in early at around 7 am, later than that and it get crowded.

We took the La Orilla trail toward Rios trail and went up to Annie's Trail where the caves and rocks are at. It was amazing. The narrow rocky pathways where really cool

What makes this trail special is Annie's Canyon trail nestled within the San Elijo Lagoon trail system.
Annie's is a slot canyon created out of the erosion of sandstone over thousands of years. You can hike up through the canyon squeezing through crevices that are sometimes only a couple feet apart. Check out the photo's I posted here.

I was a nice little hike. I really enjoyed the mushroom caves. it kind of reminded me of Zion walking through the canyon. very easy and relaxing walk.

Lovely walk. Great run. Not super stroller friendly unless u have another person. Shady at times. Not super crowded and lots of park rangers walking around so feels safe.

The trail itself is pleasant, with lots of birds and is more of a marsh path. The exciting parts happen in the mushroom caves, which requires more light bouldering and climbing up the slippery sandstone.

Very nice, light walk around the lake. The mushroom caves are super cool to check out

I did the stretch of this trail from N. Rios Ave in Solana Beach to I-5 with a group of Cub Scouts about a year ago. It was a great opportunity to look at tracks in the soft mud in the lowlands just west of I-5, as well as the shorebirds along the lagoon. I've also done this one end-to-end by myself, and it's a nice coastal trail, although parts of it are quite exposed. There are a few benches along the trail east of I-5 where you can stop and have a lookout over the inner lagoon area. Start early in summer, because this trail is pretty exposed.