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The wild lands of the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountain Ranges were designated a National Forest more than a hundred years ago. The Forest Reserve Act was passed in 1891, giving us the San Bernardino Forest Reserve, which became the San Bernardino National Forest in 1925. The San Bernardino National Forest as public land was set aside for the conservation of natural resources such as trees, water, minerals, livestock range, recreation, or wildlife. Today, the San Bernardino National Forest serves as southern California's outdoor year-around recreation destination, as well as providing valuable watershed protection. Drive the scenic Rim of the World Scenic Byway and Palms to Pines Scenic Byways to discover your local National Forest.

This trail was so beautiful and so much fun! We had three kids and two dogs and still enjoyed it! There are gorgeous fall trees and when you get high enough you can see the lake!

4 days ago

great easy hike. kid friendly which is what I wanted! beautiful views!

5 days ago

It was AMAZING!!!! The trail was a bit tough for my 2 year old and 1 year old but nothing they couldn't handle ;) once we got to the water fall, it was breath taking....my kids loooved it (12, 8, 2, & 1 year old) enjoyed every second of it. We will definitely come back in Spring.

Loved it! We did it yesterday and the fall colors were beautiful! The leaves will probably only last another week or so but if you can go soon it is worth it!

Beautiful sceneries along the trail, especially for fall colors watching

thru hiked the PCT 2016 one of the best parts in southern California

thru hiked the PCT 2016 the entire trail is worth hiking

great place to hike

10 days ago

L❤️️ve this trail❣️

Depending on which way you choose to go up to make it to the top, it varies in different levels of difficulty.. but once you get to the top and have a clear view of the valley it's pretty awesome.

11 days ago

Was fun for the family

on Bertha Peak Trail

11 days ago

Hiked up to the peak with my boyfriend on Sunday morning. Hard for me, but made it to the top. Nice views, resting spots.

This hike was great! Very long but totally doable. The incline is very steady and not steep whatsoever. The views are all around amazing throughout the hike. Hiking through the flats was amazing and being able to see other peaks along the way was great too. You can see big bear lake once you're closer to this peak. It's very easy to follow the trail and you'll cross Limber Pines campground if you decide to camp out during your hike. I am not sure if you need to let the rangers know about your stay, but I would think so as there are rangers hiking and asking for your permit. You need a hiking permit for this hike so make sure to get one ahead of time online and fax or mail it in. It will take a couple of days to process and you can pick it up at the ranger station on your way up. You can also show up the day of (they open at 8am) and get one. However, they do not guarantee permits the same day. Definitely recommend this hike!

Such a wonderful place. I would also recommend doing the Castle Trail, Shorter but tougher. One of most memorable things about this trip was the staff working at the information center. I believe their name was Kim and Laurie. Amazing people. We did not have enough cash to pay for parking, so they ended up covering for us. If you read this review, thank you again.

12 days ago

One of my favorite local trails. Amazing view of the lake. If you're like my girlfriend and I, and prefer more nature and less people, then you will want to go early morning during the week if possible. Definitely a nice leg workout. It's steep but not a long hike. Great big boulders to climb on at the top. Parking is terrible, need to squeeze in by the trail head or on the side of the road down the street. Adventure/forest pass required. Dog friendly

Someone out there doesn't want you to hike this trail! It was very difficult to find and even once we found it, we didn't feel comfortable proceeding because the trail looked like someone was making attempts to hide it, i.e.: putting logs and piles of wood down, placing tons of "Keep out!" signs. Save yourself the time and effort and find another trail. This one isn't worth the hassle.