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The wild lands of the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountain Ranges were designated a National Forest more than a hundred years ago. The Forest Reserve Act was passed in 1891, giving us the San Bernardino Forest Reserve, which became the San Bernardino National Forest in 1925. The San Bernardino National Forest as public land was set aside for the conservation of natural resources such as trees, water, minerals, livestock range, recreation, or wildlife. Today, the San Bernardino National Forest serves as southern California's outdoor year-around recreation destination, as well as providing valuable watershed protection. Drive the scenic Rim of the World Scenic Byway and Palms to Pines Scenic Byways to discover your local National Forest.

18 hours ago

No way to access trail. Birch Creek Lane gated and No Trespassing sign posted at beginning of Truck Trail.

I hiked this at 6:30am in the middle of winter and found the sunrise at the top at 7am in all of it's pink and purple glory. You can see the surrounding mountains and the lake if you are okay with a moderate rock scramble. There was no one else on the trail. Would absolutely recommend it for beginner and confident hikers alike just for the sheer majesty of the snow on the trees and it's accessibility. You could be up and back in 45 minutes if you are determined.

This is a wonderful trail! It's clearly marked and has a lot of river crossing- my 10 and 6 year olds were able to do the entire hike. I would recommend wearing water shoes if you go in the late winter/early spring because you will probably get wet.

I only had a few issues with this hike: 1. You have to pay PER PERSON to get into the reservation. So it was $20 for my 2 kids and I. The hike was definitely worth it, but it was unexpected. 2. The line to get in and pay was very very long. It took us nearly 1/2 an hour waiting in line. The trail was also pretty crowded with people. 3. They do horseback tours through the trail so there is horse poop EVERYWHERE and it smells pretty bad through the first leg of the trail. None of these things are enough to prevent me from going back- the kids LOVED the adventure- but just some things to be aware of.

1 day ago

Great view of Palm Desert! It's fun staying until dark for the cross to light up!

Only positives are the elevation gain and the view of distant snow-capped peaks at the top. Aside from that...the trail is incredibly crowded and no big payoffs in terms of scenery. Too urban for my taste.

Great hike right now. There are several stream crossings because of the rains so wear Teva type shoes. First half mile is uneventful but then you walk through a grove of palm trees and streams. Moderate 4 miles , little elevation

So beautiful! Slight rain and hail actually made for a perfect day out. Will definitely will be going back.

Painfully crowded trail full of cranky hostile old people.

awesome trail.even got lost in it. done it a few times.

off road driving
7 days ago

Very fun trail. I actually did it with a fully stock Jeep rubicon a few years back and then again with a lifted rubi on 33s. When i first did it, it wasn't easy and i did use a spotter a few times. But definitely a blast. The hardest part was the second rocky hill. Have to pick your lines and be willing to take some scrapes if you dont do it right. The second time was easier but still a blast.

8 days ago

Very nice scenery! You do have to pay $9 Adults and $5 Youth as it's inside Agua Caliente Cahuilla Indian land. We went with our 11yr old and 8yr old and they loved it. They were able to handle the loop. Trails are easy to find and well marked.

Love it pretty technical trail at the start

8 days ago

This was a pretty rad train. It's a bit steep but nothing too hard or strenuous. There's a nice clear open space at the creek at the end to camp or have lunch. Took me about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get there and a little over an hour to get back.

Awesome winter trail with tons of snow. Any 4x4 can do this imo but must have at least 8.5 inches of ground clearance.

One of the best hikes I've done. The hike takes you to the Pacific Crest Trail. That alone is an accomplishment. The views are amazing all around are amazing.