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Samuel P. Taylor State Park has wooded countryside in the steep rolling hills of Marin County 15 miles west of San Rafael. The park features a unique contrast of coast redwoods groves and open grassland. The park features a variety of flowers and trees, including oak, tanoak, madrone, live oak, laurel and Douglas fir. California native wildflowers include buttercups, milkmaids, and Indian paintbrush. The most common animal in the park is the black-tailed deer. There are also raccoons, striped skunks and gray foxes. Silver salmon and steelhead trout migrate up Papermill Creek to spawn. Park is open from 8am to sunset. This redwood forest community enjoys a mild climate ranging from dense fog and rain to full sun. Summer temperatures average in the low 80s, while winter days drop to the high 50s with frequent rainfall. Dressing in layers is recommended. The Day Use Annual Pass is accepted at this park.

Very nice hike. Lots to look at and well marked path. Someone said it's closed, but that is incorrect. The loop is closed but you can still hike up the peak. Great workout for someone doing trail runs that wants to get some steep elevation. To get to the beginning just walk up devil canyon road and where the road splits to form a trail and road veer right on the trail. This will take you to a bridge which begins the ascent the real trail

Nice trail through some woods and heading above Lagunitas. Views on the top of the ridge are great. Can see Tomales Bay and other vistas. Trail is pretty well traveled. We went counter-clockwise starting from Samuel P Taylor SP day use area.

Barnabe Fire Road is open. The only closed trail in the area is Bill's Trail, which will apparently be under restoration for several more years. There are alternatives that take you to Barnabe Peak, such as Barnabe FR / Gravesite Trail.

4 months ago

Beautiful tree hike in a peaceful setting that was done back in 2010 and again a year later

September 3, 2016. Trail closed since 2014

The loop is closed and apparently has been closed for two years. It also does not look like it will be opened any time soon. This could have been a beautiful hike. This hike should be noted as CLOSED so others don't drive there only to discover it is closed off.

Easy and very picturesque.

7 months ago

Great paved be unpaved trails. The backcountry hiking leads to small pools throughout the creek.

Trail is unreachable, as locals have posted signs closing the road to the public.

This hike is actually in Lagunitas not Nicascio and part of Samuel P Taylor Park.
Steep hike but worth the view. We only went up to the peak and back. Which is about 2 miles up and 2 miles back. The original trail is closed. The hike is beautiful going through forest and stream, up through open space and beautiful views of West Marin. Enjoy

There are many short easy trails next to the creek. great for kids.

What was supposed to be a 2-mile hike ballooned into a 6-mile one when I decided to follow an unmarked trail that veered off and up a mountain. After a long and steady uphill climb I emerged into an exceptionally beautiful field and connected with the Bolinas Ridge Fire Road. I wish I'd brought a picnic!

nice, steep hike 2 miles up to Barnabe Peak. elevation change of about 1200'.

We just did the Cross Marin trail both directions leaving from Camp Taylor. It was beautiful! if you go west on the trail it will lead you to Jewell Trail which takes you up and to the top of a ridge where you can see Tomales Bay.

Nice hike, well documented. Only thing I would add is that the parking at the trail-head itself is not allowed for day hikers (there are signs now, and we were also warned by other park visitors). Park across the road in normal parking adjacent to where you can pay entry fee.

Thanks for documenting a really nice hike!

Beautiful trail. My husband and I took our bikes and enjoyed a lovely time together. The birds were singing to us as we rode easily along. It was the perfect trail for a short and sweet afternoon ride. It is great for beginners and those looking for a strolling pace.

Really enjoyed this hike, guide was great.

trail running
4 years ago

I came across the trail when camping at Samuel P. Taylor State Park in September 2011. This relaxing trail was paved, shaded by stunning redwood groves, and parallel by a beautiful creek. Gorgeous sceneries and invigorating atmosphere, it is a great trail for jogging.