This is great and really one of my favorites but this should really be called Westridge Fire Trail. Mandeville has an amazing loop if you take it to the end.

Not overly crowded, good for dogs, easy parking. Good walk for length and a consistent incline that doesn't leave you gasping.

Nice hike. The gravel was amazing to walk on even up the steep hills

This is ranked as moderate but its definitely an easier trail. The foot traffic and dog activity wasnt too congested which was great! A lot of mountain bikers going up and down so if your dog (or you!) are skittish, might not be the best trail!

Love this trail! Good for easy (fire road) or harder (ridges) hiking. Fun to get to the water tower. Love having dogs off leash.

I loved hiking here in the summer when I could start at 6am ... I hate it now.

If you go at 8am or later you will run into commercial dog walkers ... one group after another with up to 8 dogs per person all off leash. The dogs take up the entire trail, the walkers cannot control them and they don't seem to care. I have had dogs chase me as I ran the trail.

I wish park rangers would police this trail and hand out hefty fines for those individuals who blatantly break the dog rule that is posted at the gate (on leash and two dogs max per person).

If you bike, beware ... the dog walkers love to take their dogs on the side trails ... not only would it be annoying, but dangerous.

I like this trail! Easy to find parking, quiet, and you can go and turn around whenever you'd like. Plus, it's close to UCLA so I can go without having to drive super far!

Love that my dog can be off leash. Lots of space for bikers to pass by. Super dusty and no shade. Can get hot early. Best to walk early morning.

Great hike! This can be casual or more intense as there is an additional trail to the right of the fire access road. Fantastic for trail running. It gets hot in the sun so bring plenty of water and try to start before 8am. There is plenty of street parking available.

Perfect, very quite, great views of LA.

Nice wide trail, not too many other people. Would probably be great for mountain biking or trail running. But the lack of cover and lack of variation doesn't make for the best hike. Nonetheless there are some very nice views.

Really liked the setup of the hike. You can get a good workout on the very wide gradual incline for hiking, or you can go off the beaten path and take the biking path for a steep workout. We parked for free at the small parking area (fits about 10 cars or so) near the bottom of the course or there's free street parking. At the top (midway point 3.7 miles), there's a nice rest area with shade, picnic tables, a water fountain, a couple of telescopes (25 cents) for viewing, a tower to walk up to have a 360 degree viewing experience, and a pay phone (50 cents) if you don't have reception or a phone. It was a great day with my daughter, her dog (loved it), and her friend. Mountain side is very green and nice to look at during the hike. Highly recommend it.

One of the best views in LA

Love this trail...You can choose the lower trail or the higher with the hills.. Make it as hard or easy as you'd like...Beware :O There are snakes out .. Huge gofer snake just chillin in the middle of the trail.. If your planing on taking other trails... I'd love it if you'd check us out on FB Go Hike SoCal and post your hikes there..

Great walk. Didn't seem that long

Beautiful views. Mostly uphill. Left trail has been turned into a bike trail with jumps and landscaping. Be cautious as a hiker. Lots of air traffic (airplanes, helicopters) flying up and down the canyon all day. Power lines overhead. Not crowded. Good for off leash dogs.

trail running
9 months ago

Great for trail running. Plenty of views and good elevation gain with some downhills in the right places. You can make this into as long of a run as you want 7.4 out and back or 10+ and you can't go wrong on there views up here.

Best views. Coast and all of LA. Can't beat it.