Nice trail without leaving the city. Light-moderate but not difficult. Short enough to do in the morning or afternoon and still have a whole day to do whatever else. It's a loop. Go clockwise for a more strenuous hike, counter-clockwise for an easier hike. Starting to the left first will give you more uphill battle. Going right first is a lot more gradual going up. Views of the LA horizon are amazing. Morning or evening is best for pictures and viewing. Mid-day from late-morning to early afternoon is a view of smog covering the city and it's too hot. Lots of dogs on this trail, and you're allowed to unleash for part of the trail.

10 days ago

I used to hike this trail when I was a kid. Its a short hike and very easy.

11 days ago

Gorgeous views!!! Decent climb when you head up on the right side. Parking is horrible! Be prepared to look for parking and defensively claim it. Very crowded on the weekends. Worth it though.

The trail was decent. Moderate too difficult climbs depending where you start. There were pretty good views of Hollywood. The bads are there are little to no bathrooms and parking is horrendous. I recommend Hellman in Whittier it's comparable with out the crowds.

on Runyon Canyon Trail

1 month ago

Not a tough hike but great views of the city. Dogs can go off leash as long as they are well behaved. Can get pretty busy on the weekends.

Relatively quick loop with some great views

Great views but too Hollywood for me and I'm from la

nice scenic view, dog friendly, and moderate. if you want to make it harder walk with weights or run.

1 month ago

Easy to get to and can't get lost. Always smells like dog pee and will get your fair share of people talking on cell phones.

trail running
2 months ago