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Great trail for a quick hike. Start on Fuller Ave. There are three options. Go to the left and once you pass through the gate take a sharp left and go up 2 peaks. This is challenging as the hills are steep. You can continue up more towards the gates on Mohalland or loop back down the pavement. Takes about 1 -1.5 hours depending on which route you take. Option 2 instead of hooking the sharp left continue up pavement and loop around and down the hill to the right. Option 3 at the beginning of the Fuller Ave entrance keep straight instead of going to the left. This will loop you to an observation area. When you see the opening take a sharp left as the trail narrows. Climb up the steps and enjoy the views and the leg burn! Once you get to the top keep walking until you hit the pavement. Continue to the left to head straight down (avg 45 mins) or if you feel like extending go to the right and wander up the pavement until you see a dirt path on the left and take it for higher elevations which tacks on another 30 minutes to your hike. Option 1 is difficult. Option 2 is easy to moderate. Option 3 is moderate. Great city hike to build endurance and check out great views of the city, The Griffith Observatory, The Hollywood Sign and the snow capped mountains!

Great view great trails

11 days ago

Parking is terrible and it's way too crowded.

17 days ago

18 days ago

Amazing hike !!

20 days ago

21 days ago

Parking is horrible and limited. Beside that I enjoyed it. High five on the views. Steps can be a lil difficult.

Can get pretty intense, difficult, and steep towards the top, but is a great quick day hike with incredible views. There are many levels and routes to take. I prefer up the East Ridge, down the West Ridge. The LA people watching is ridiculously fun too. Parking can be a challenge. There are several Park entrances.

23 days ago

A lot of hot looking people but a nice work out. Horrible parking though!