horseback riding
9 days ago

Beautiful place to ride!

Nice little hike, can go easy or choose the path with a moderate hill. Since this is almost in my backyard, I like the easy access and options to vary the difficulty.

Good climbs, some sun exposure, good surface for hiking.

Great views! The right amount of challenge!

This was a good hike and I actually did this one 2 weekends in a row. I wasn't satisfied with myself and my skill the first time I tried. I am new to hiking and I am working to challenge myself and get the most from me and the hike. At a glance this trail might seem easy; but, it has its challenges and don't underestimate it.

Nice fairly easy trail, saw about 10 other people but mostly at entrance points. Rolling hills, in and out of shade. Free parking.

I always go hiking here and it's simple to get to. There's a treacherous side of the trail and a moderate side. It gets hot during the early morning and afternoon so I suggest going in the morning around 8:00 or around sunset. I love this hike. It's perfect for getting a quick work out in and the scenery is great!

Popular spot especially on weekends with horseback riders and I have also seen some bikers and runners. The Miwok trail is moderately challenging with some hills. The hike is pretty, especially in the spring and fall when the hills turn green. Lots of birds and you may see cows on the trail as well.

Love this hike!

horseback riding
6 months ago

started from the left side and found ourselves on some steep rocky hills . it went up and down then around the backside . Pretty yellow flowers in bloom past the stock watering hole . horses were pretty Tired when we were done but it was am enjoyable ride.

Good overall hike, says no dogs, a few dogs were on the trails but signs are posted all over. Perfect mix of sun and shade, the hills were green, the creeks had water. Some trails had some elevation but nothing difficult just enough to make you breath a little harder than normal. Wasn't packed with people but did run into a few people on the trails who were all friendly. Plenty of parking and there's a restroom at the parking lot. Great little getaway with beautiful scenery.

Fun hike with great trees and a good view of Diablo around the back side of the loop. Great introduction to hiking for my 5 year old.

8 months ago

Great trails but no dogs allowed here

Unfortunately, we did not get to hike this trail. All Trails stated dogs could go but on leash. This is not a trail that dogs are allowed on so we had to venture somewhere else. Wanted to save anyone else the drive if they have dogs with them.

From the parking area, I went left on the Canyon Hardy Trail. Nice hike with various beautiful vistas; different shapes & sizes of rock formations with Bay Laurel trees creekside along the ascent on Loop trail. Once you make your way thru the canyon and reach the top, sweeping views open up & give way to a tight enclave of trees growing on the hillside across a vast meadow floor. Up a short way nearing the bend, old oak trees with their low reaching branches call for you to pose with them.*(While being a great photo op. spot, please note you have missed the turn & need to go back a short way to get back on the trail.) This is where you catch your first glimpse of Mt. Diablo and for a surreal moment, it seems as if you are on level ground with its' peak seen in the distance across the stretch of Morgan Territory valley. By the time the trail loop intersects and becomes Miwok, it is smooth sailing back to the parking area.