Wow really cool trail. There's multiple creeks that run into Marsh Creek and there all flowing! Mid February is the best time to see this park! 5 Stars!

beautiful hike. a little rough right now due to all the rain we've had. still manageable though, just wear shoes that are OK in mud.

1 month ago

This trail is actually in the park named Round Valley Regional Preserve. However, Round Valley is next door to Los Vaqueros Reservoir, which is spelled incorrectly as well.

Round Valley Regional Preserve address is 19450 Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA

Beautiful place to take a hike (walk) enough up hills to get your heart really to beating and then down hill to recoup and then up again. my daughter and I loved it. Will return to do other trails

I enjoyed doing this one except it was hot... I had done several hikes in both parks so I decided to do a connector. There is a gate between the 2 in the back of round Valley that I had discovered a year before so something drew me to go through and on to Vaqueros. Only did this one once....

Beautiful place to ride!

Nice little hike, can go easy or choose the path with a moderate hill. Since this is almost in my backyard, I like the easy access and options to vary the difficulty.

Good climbs, some sun exposure, good surface for hiking.

5 months ago

Great views! The right amount of challenge!

This was a good hike and I actually did this one 2 weekends in a row. I wasn't satisfied with myself and my skill the first time I tried. I am new to hiking and I am working to challenge myself and get the most from me and the hike. At a glance this trail might seem easy; but, it has its challenges and don't underestimate it.