Great trail for beginners, the only thing that upsets me is how inconsiderate people are leaving behind Starbucks cups, empty water bottles and wrappers other than that great trail.

25 days ago

This is a nice hike, but people have to learn to pick up after themselves!

This was an awesome trail! Starts out with some decent climbing in elevation then opens up once you crest the peak. The power towers are so majestic up close, and the water tower is a fun trip!

Lots of hills to climb. Keep a lookout for snakes. A lot of people use this trail and it's we'll defined. Many routes to choose from. Coyote trail offers a lot of shade and so does Oak Canyon. The water tower trail has the hardest hills.

Good beginner trail for the kiddos

I love this hike! I came down the Coyote trail.

Once a great trail, is now littered with dog shit left behind by there careless owners.Along with there empty sports bottles and energy bar wrappers.This trail falls victim to this new fitness/outdoor fab. It has ruined another canyon for the true outdoor enthusiasts

great trail. go to the right at the end for an amazing uphill finish. first half is easy, good warm up.

1 month ago

Nice views. Good walk for the dogs.

Easy trail with a few mild hills. Not too strenuous. Good for beginners and kids. Beware of coyote scat all over the trail, though. If you are quiet and careful enough you may even see a few deer like I did today!

2 months ago

Nice steady grade and fairly even, well maintained trail. Not a lot of shade. I only did part of it as it was in the 100s today and it looked like it would get much more steep. I'll definitely give it another shot when it's cooler.

trail was cool. nice push at the end. not too difficult but still challenging enough to be worth it

Pretty easy for me personally. Great view with the LA skyline in the far distance once you're up top.