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Redwood Regional Park is located just a few miles over the ridge from downtown Oakland. It is a hidden redwood forest whose peaceful groves give little evidence of its bustling past. In the mid-1800s, what is now Redwood Regional Park was the scene of extensive logging to supply building materials for the San Francisco Bay Area.Hiking, jogging, and horseback riding are popular activities in this park.

The French Trail is my favorite trail in Redwood and I've done it many times in conjunction with all the other traisl. I like to combine it with the Stream Trail because of the larger trees but it's good with the East Or West Trail as well. The French Trail has a lot less traffic than most of the others because it's a little more difficult and if I remember right, no bikes. I miss hiking Redwood....

Awesome trees along the stream and an enjoyable hike done many times

One of my favorite loops that's pretty simple

Fairly low traffic, and quite a bit of shade throughout the hike.

I love to hike in the Redwood Regional Park. This time I started at outside of the Skyline Gate, followed the Tres Sendas Trail, went to the French Trail. I completed the loop by returning on the Bridle Trail, Stream Trail and back to the Skyline Gate. Total distance was 9 miles with 1437 feet elevation. I completed the loop in less than 3 hours. It was a great hike.

My favorite oakland park to hike in. Always beautiful always feel refreshed and happy after a visit here. The only downside is a lot of people all the time

We did the ~8 mile loop going out on East Ridge Trail and coming back on West Ridge Trail. It's a nice hike with a little of everything: sun and shade, flats and climbs, horizon and forest views. The descent and climb are right in the middle of the hike when you cross the canyon from East Ridge to West Ridge and the rest of the hike is pretty flat. It's a wide dirt trail with lots of traffic (bikes, dogs, horses) so not the most secluded hike. It's not easy because of the length and climbing section but is pretty accessible in that anyone with a moderate fitness level should be fine.

I love this park, the redwoods are really beautiful and covered most of the sun while I was there so there was a really cool breeze throughout the whole hike

Awesome trail, the Stream to West Ridge trail it ends up being a little over 7 miles. Beautiful views, varied terrain and trees! Be ready for hills!

It's a nice loop trail but there are much better options within Redwood. There are several single tracts up and down the sides that I would combine with one or part of the ridge trail. It also connects with good trails on both ends. I've down Redwood to Chabot and it's sweet to get away from most of the people...

Good trail in a great area with so many options close by to explore. I've done it many times. Even better when i take my dog.