Lots of different activities for the whole family. Trails of different lengths for walking, running, biking, and even horseback riding. Dog poop bags and trashcans are located at certain trail entrances for convenience. It is backed up next to a park with a playground, rental buildings, restrooms, and picnic tables all on a very spacious area where movies are played for the community during the summer time.

Like an enchanted forest!

Trail is an easy walk in the woods however the locals like to use it as a place to smoke marijuana which ruins the hike and fresh air.

Very pretty & peaceful.

trail running
1 year ago

Nice & easy. Surrounded by beautiful tall redwood trees & ferns. Relaxing.. Benches near little streams. My pug walked the entire loop!

I have been to this trail twice and it is just a beautiful trail....we stayed on #8 all around. I took my family there the second time around and hiked the whole trail and they loved it....even our dog Buddy was enjoying it

Gorgeous area, just wish everyone would keep that way! Been here several times, and cannot help but to notice more and more trash and 'campsites' set up. Beautiful trees, and the trails are remarkable. There's also a disk-golf course here too! Be prepared to see tons of trees, fungi, a lot of pot-smoking, and the occasional random ox hanging out with a home-less man.

Great hike through the redwoods with kids and dog. The trail is actually a series of smaller trails interconnected. Luckily I took a pic of the trail map before leaving the parking lot (which is at the end of Park Drive) or we would have gotten lost. The trails are all numbered so you can go for as long or short a hike as you want.

2 years ago

This is a great family hike. You can have people of all ages on this hike. There are also a lot of opportunities to observe nature.

Great views and wildlife.

This is a very beautiful hike, especially if you get out to the back trails like trail/road 11. Trail 4 is my favorite part, it is steep and has gorgeous streams and some nice rocks to climb, or just sit on.

the best

Fun easy going trail with alot to see along the way, alot of wild life, streams, and red woods every where

5 years ago

It's a good place to go for an easy simple hike.